"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, January 11, 2010


if this picture could talk it would be saying "mine."
that is exactly what brennan has been saying the entire day about everything he touches.
when he's not holding something, he's walking around the house with his hand over his chest saying, "mine."
in a very "matter of fact" kind of way.
i think this baby might be coming 1 month too late.
how many times will i need to say, "no, not yours, everybody's" before it sticks?
play dates should be interesting.
part of me is excited to hear him talking.
understanding more.
another part of me can't help laughing.
it's just funny.
the other part of me, the teacher part of me, thinks of the work that lies ahead.
like teaching him which drawers were his in the kitchen and which were mine.
but he learned.
and he'll learn again.
i love seeing him grow.
i love watching him become a new person.
he looked older on saturday morning.
a little more grown up.
but still my baby.
always my baby.
something my dad taught me.
the work is the fun part.
if i look at it that way;-)


Lisalulu said...

your baby is growing up! and...
"like teaching him which drawers were his in the kitchen and which were mine."... you wonder where he's heard the word!!!! he'll be a great big brother

Emmy said...

That is a good attitude.. work is the fun part... gotta remember that.

Jess said...

He is a cute kid with a great mom, and your dad is a smart man... the work is the fun part the everyday part,and the stuff that is remembered part

Sue said...

You're right, Em. He really is growing up. His little face is even getting less round and full-cheeked.

Good thing you have a new baby coming or you'd be having some major baby hunger before long.


Amy said...

Oh, what a fun stage for him to go into right before the baby is born, how fun for you :)

I tell you what though, my Keith never looked so big as he did the day we brought Faye home. I always saw Keith as a little boy, but he was suddenly so huge and big... but he is my little boy again.

**Amanda** said...

Weird that's Daxton's favorite word too lol!