"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, April 23, 2010

the Buddha's belly

i took the kids out.
like REALLY out.
for the first time.
to the aquarium.
it was overwhelming.
we've been a thousand times in our "pre-max" days.
we walked in today with the double wide and looked at each like we'd never been there in our lives.
brennan stayed by the stroller, didn't run off, and held my hand in the crowds.
shocking, i know.
and CROWDS there were plenty.
it was a mad house.
rainy friday.
i should have known.
we hung back for clearings and would have 5 minutes to ourselves every so often.
it was chaotically peaceful.
he squealed at the sting rays and said over and over,
"hi ray, hi ray, hi ray!!!"
then he covered his eyes when they came up close and squealed again.
big lake fish.
mini-alligators that aren't called alligators, but i can't remember their fancy name.
the aquarium lady always tells me i have it wrong when i tell brennan to look at the "alligators."
really, does it matter?
they look like alligators.
then the grand finale.
the penguins.
i put brennan up on my shoulders so he could see them above and below the water.
max slept through the entire thing.
he sat up there and rubbed my head for 10 whole minutes.
staring in silence.
just us.
the kids and me in front of the penguins.
with my hair all astrew.
is that a word?
and in the weirdest way,
it became one of my top favorite mom moments.
with him up there rubbing my head like the buddha's belly.
and max purring like a cat in the stroller next to us.


Emmy said...

Yeah!! So glad your first real outing went so well.

Amy said...

Oh how I love that aquarium. How fun to see the penguins. Magical place. And Mom Moments are the best ever.

Sue said...

Astrew, askew, whatev, right?

It sounds like a perfect day. And a perfect hair day, too.