"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 17, 2010

wish list

( i totally staged this picture)
new shoes for me.
on the budget.
but in the middle of the list.
top of list?
for june.
shortly followed by...
for july.
then if santa REALLY loves us,
iphone 4's.
that means we both want one.
didn't know i wanted the 4 a month ago.
funny how that happens.
thought i just wanted the 3G.
the cheapest one.
not even the 3GS or whatever the video one is.
but now i have read the email for the 4.
and i think i might not survive without the 4.
did you know it has a camera phone with 5 (count them) FIVE megapixels.
then protein bars for sean.
he said he wanted some.
and since he is the one bringing home the money now, i think it's best he get some.
then diapers.
cheesecake factory and/or sushi dinner night out.
haven't decided if children will attend b/c i haven't decided if babysitter is in the budget before or after my shoes.
this is where the shoes come in.
b/c my feet hurt.
and i love walking.
and i go walking a lot.
have you ever had a wish list of things you really wanted for a long time?
like 3 years?
it's the thirsty camel syndrome.
and really, we need almost none of it.
but want all of it.
now for the balance of it.
thank goodness for our budget.
the end.
now...black or white?


Amy said...

look how good you are sticking to your budget so well! I would totally offer to watch your kids, but don't think you want to drive them quite so far north... that and the fact we have never really met in person... :) But I do hope you get them soon.

CJ Sime said...

thirsty camel syndrome - that is an awesome analogy by the way!

I am actually spectacular at budgeting. I have two weaknesse: shoes, clothing, and eating out. :o) But if there is something like toilet paper that we need, I'll be all, "Guess we're gonna need to cut back on milk."

Missy said...

oh how i miss reading your posts. one of these days i'll figure out how soooo many women multi-task. i can't do a thing right now! it's a huge accomplishment to get the bed made and throw on mascara (so not me to do the bare min). how do you do it with 2? wow, motherhood...

i'd love to chat about budgeting sometime. marrying a finance major who is married to a girl like me - you can imagine.

Sue said...

I am always so impressed by your level head in keeping this budget of yours. I bet your MIL loves you!


Jess said...

I miss walking! I need trek to be over so I can get back to the routine of walking together, and also so I won't be crazy anymore- but mostly the walking.

Emmy said...

Do I dare say we have new iPhones on hold? But don't worry now that your husband has graduated someday before you know it your budget will allow for things like that too.

Erin Ellsworth said...

yes, i need new shoes too, but think i can hold off for my birthday in august! good luck with that list. seems like we always have a list of "things to buy"