"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, September 18, 2010

just call me wilbur, wanting more.

he wanted to go more.
we were out of money.
the following occurred. it was sad.
frankly, i had $4 in my pocket, but i wanted a deep fried oreo.
it felt selfish, but i figured, everyone should get one thing they want at the fair.
he got his,
i got mine.
no one got as much as they wanted,
but it's always better to be left wanting more than to be left feeling overdone.
b/c really, who likes an overcooked turkey?
gibson's meet deep fried oreos.
i regret that there was not a sample platter of each item on the sign.
next year.
at the fair i learned
10 things:
1. if it's not fried, you shouldn't be eating it at the fair.
2. you and your wallet are trapped, just like the animals.
3. $40 isn't enough to get the food and go on the rides.
4. the piggies are my favorite, and piglets really are cute.
5. i can relate to cows that need to be milked.
6. it is confirmed that brennan really really REALLY likes race cars.
7. sheered sheep look slightly violated.
8. if you really want to go on the big slide, you should go, b/c you'll wish you did if you didn't. woe is me.
9. don't put your kid on the pony if you don't think they will stay on the pony.
10. 3 hours is not enough time to spend at the fair, but at least we left wanting more.


Sue said...

We used to have a lot of fun the fair in Southern California.

But I think I could do without the fried Oreo. Yuck.


The Jackson Family said...

I am so jealous that you got to eat that Oreo.

beck said...

Sounds like so much fun! I went with Gavin on a similar car ride at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. He wasn't sure about it. No crying but no excitement. He might have been a little young but I was excited for him. I'm hoping they'll have a kiddie ride open at thanksgiving time when we're there again for him to go on. Not sure about that fried oreo but its tempting seeing how we eat a pack of oreos a week at our house (a slight exaggeration). We got to go on some rides at boardwalk while ryan's parents hung with Gavin and seriously it was so fun, we laughed so hard. It was good for the soul and good for the marriage.

Lisalulu said...

looks like so much fun.. even with all that fried stuff... and all those pictures... does that mean you have a computer???

Amy said...

I love the fair! I forgot that it is going on right now. The animals and the art work are my favorite. Deep Fried Oreos? What a novel idea! I have never even heard of those. Wow. They look like something worth trying at least once.