"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sus's & Ya-Ya's

Sus's. (suh-ses)
They are my favorite.
A tradition.
Mama Sandie started it when we were kids.
Short for surprise.
Something you're not expecting.
A fun little treat.
Ya-ya's are good too.
They are little trinkets you are begging for in the store, with no good reason for getting it.
They don't have to be expensive.
In fact, the $2 items are sometimes the very best!
So today I got the boys some sus's at the store.
Under $10 total and well within the weekly budget.
I can't wait!
sean totally read this before i had a chance to surprise him.
dang it.


The Jackson Family said...

Cinderella, dressed in yella..

MiMi said...

Aw, I'm a pushover. If I'm at the store and the kids want something that's only a buck or so, I get it.

beck said...

The dollar bins in Target are amazing! We stop every time we go. Ryan is a huge believer of the jump rope for his workouts. He does "double unders" and they absolutely KILL him but they are amazing I guess for workouts. I'll just take his word for it.

Amy said...

:) Love the names for it.

Sue said...

Cute nicknames.


Emmy said...

Oh recess in grade school was all about these. I used to be so good at these

McVal said...

What a sweet Sus's!