"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

9, take away 1.

we went through 9 pairs of underwear.
1 of which could not be recovered.

'nuff said.
3 dish towels.
3 pairs of pants (less leaks onto the carpet if they have on pants, fyi).
1 swim towl.
i held my temper.
had my loving patience.
and dang it,
i want my mother of the year award.
i broke down crying around 9:30pm.
and it felt good.
really good.
sean sat with me on the couch and told me really sweet nice things.
i love him.
then i stayed up to unwind,
watching some of my favorite reality tv junk.
now i am a new woman and ready to conquere day 2.
the best part of the day,
was at 7pm when bieber came running in from the play room shouting,
"mom!!!! I HAVE TO GO PEE!!!"
i started jumping up and down,
my hands waving in the air,
ran to brennan,
grabbed his little pudgy cabbage patch hand that i adore,
and we booked it straight to the queen potty.
which was still in front of the tv.
where upon he sat and sat and sat and sat.
for awhile.
i don't know how long.
the setting the timer thing is not my forte.
i forget to set the timer to remind him to go pee.
so several times in the morning he peed b/c well, it had been 3 hours and no one had reminded him to try.
myself being "no one."
don't worry,
every time he peed,
i knew about it.
and after a day of him not knowing about it, i was ecstatic with our accomplishments.
telling me he had to go.
so he sat on the queen potty for a long time.
i think he may have watched a show.
i'm not sure.
but he did tell me he loved his underwear and that diapers are yucky.
he wanted to pee in the potty.
what i do know is that at some point while i was cutting an avocado and grilling turkey meat for tacos he decided he was done trying.
announces, "no pee is coming."
my neighbor knocked on my door.
love her.
we chatted on the porch,
and brennan took off around the corner of the house.
5 minutes later,
as we are in the middle of sharing our life stories and ailments of the day,
brennan shouts an ear shattering scream.
and holly tells me there's a big puddle in his tracks.
what we have diagnosed?
stage fright.
all day.
and a darn good case of hating pee down his leg.
but man it feels good to have made some progress.
b/c the fact that he knew it was coming,
felt like winning the lotto.
bring it on thursday,


Sue said...

Don't they make those big, heavy training underwear anymore with the heavy lining in the crotch? Those always kept the puddles from happening when there were accidents.

Sounds like he's getting the idea, though!

Hang in!!


Amy said...

I hereby bequeath you with the Mother of the Year Award because if you kept your patience through it all, you are AMAZING!
Good job and good luck with day 2!

McVal said...

Oh... He needs some Pull-ups for a while I think. That might keep your sanity a bit longer!

Katie said...

My how I hate potty training.

Btw, I use a no pull-ups/underwear only technique too! I am all about the all-at-once potty training....no lingering in pull-ups for months and months. It is what has worked for me!

Hope it has been a good day so far.

Lauren said...

Oh, Em... sometimes you make me laugh out loud at work... sometimes there is a patient here, today luckily not. :)