"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, May 26, 2011

snoring away {CUBED ICE}

i hope my fridge dies.
i hope it dies a fast, painless death.
or tomorrow.
or saturday.
or by monday.
or labor day.
labor day would be fine too.
i can wait until labor day.
cubed ice, my friends.
there is nothing more i need to say.
 while watching tom & jerry on the couch,
the afternoon of yesterday,
my left side started to snore.
then i realized it was my 3 yr old.
who is NOT allowed to take naps.
b/c he will stay up until midnight,
and then be up at 7am the next morning.
and crying the entire next day.
but i couldn't wake him up.
i had to savor it.
and it was worth this entire cranky day of his today.
to have him sleep tucked into my side.
snoring away.


Sue said...

I'm almost scared to ask what's on his nose!


Amy said...

Aw, snuggle time! It is worth the screams and tantrums, isn't it?

That is my dream fridge too. Though my friend got one a few weeks ago and hates it now. Her kids use the freezer as a stool to get into the fridge.