"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heaven HELP me.

When you love a book so much that it's a piece of you,
There's just no way a movie can do it justice.
Bc anything will fall short.
I should have known.

I could have been satisfied with my mug of soda, my bucket of popcorn, the previews, and the scene where hilly reads her chapter and screams.
I still can't believe they left out the air conditioning scene.
It was my favorite part of the book.
They did NOT have me at hello.
I was so obsessed with every detail that they changed that I couldn't enjoy most of it.
But I did enjoy my company.
All thirty of them:)


Sue said...

30 of you?! Wowza.

You've got some girlfriends, girlfriend!


jen said...

Should I see it or not then?

Amy said...

I hate seeing movies of books I have read. They are always so much worse, and never do them justice. However, going with friends would be delightful! Especially 30 of them! Wow!

Emmy said...

Yes movies from books you love always do that. Doesn't stop me from being their opening night for all of the Twilight movies though :)

McVal said...

Don't you hate that??! They've done that to a few of my fave books too.
But the fact that you were with 30 friends! Wow...

Camillia said...

I set my expectations really low because I'm always disappointed by movies that come from books. I tried not to think about the details from the book at all while I was watching it and I really actually liked it a lot. It is definitely different and there are some great parts that they left out but I can be ok with it when I think about how impossible it would be to actually put it all into a movie. I just don't think it's possible. I will always love the book 100 times more than the movie but I like the movie if I seperate it from the book.