"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 17, 2011

the aspens have been peaking {silver lake}

brennan made friends with all of the fishermen.
max ate snow with dirt on it.
a lot.
brennan gathered pine cones and rocks.
and said he heard the squirrels in the trees.
and that he was a mountain climber.
who was strong.
we shared grapes with a family from india.
and i wished i wouldn't have put us all in flip flops.
it wasn't cold.
it was perfect.
i even got a sunburn on my face.
it was just muddy and icy in the shady spots from the snow.
which makes for a lot of slipping and children with wet bums.
thankfully no adults with wet bums.
i love silver lake in the fall:)
breathtaking every time.

 another month and the snow will be sticking to our front lawn.
hard to believe when it's 70 and sunny.


Lauren said...

wow! that looks breathtaking. I am very jealous right now (cactus and desert do not compare).
LOVE little Max's cute smile and dirt on her bum. So darling.
And when did Brennan turn into a boy not a baby? I swear that a couple of posts ago he still looked little... and now? all grown up! it happens so fast doesn't it?

Gilbert Family said...

i have no idea where that is but it is gorgeous! your kids keep getting cuter and cuter!

Emmy said...

LOVe love love the picture of Max in front of the all of the yellow trees! Wow that is beautiful. I miss a real fall.
That looks like a great outing

Sue said...

Every one of these photos is wonderful, but that one of Max with her arms flung wide says it all.


McVal said...

Love that muddy butt! Wow. flip flops and snow?

Amy said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! Wow. I love the photo of Max meeting Silver Lake. Beautiful.