"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, November 20, 2011

i SO invented post-it note glue.

have you been to your 10 year high school reunion?
i have not.
it's a weird thing to not have been yet.
and about to be going.
my sister and i used to watch romey and michelle's high school reunion.
rented it from movie magic.
right next to baskin robbins.
movie magic first.
then stopped for ice cream after.
i remember how thrilling it was to stand in front of the wall of vhs movies (wow), scanning whether we were going with the new releases or the classics, like bill and ted's excellent adventure.
then it was up to the checkout.
candy, popcorn, treats...
i hope i'm remembering this part right.
either way,
gone are the days of the video rental store.
so my brother in law helped me make the name tags for everyone going to the reunion.
when he saw my picture he said,
"WOW! you look really young!"
i'm still young now though.
at least i think i am.
he of course said lots of wonderful things about how youthful i still am,
and "didn't i know what he meant?"
*wink wink*
and it's odd how i still have that person inside of me.
and yet no longer know that person at all.
in fact,
somewhere in the last ten years i have even stopped imagining myself as that face,
even though i remember a time when it was the only face i knew.
and now that face isn't inside my thoughts anymore.
it's me in there.
just a different one.
with a lot more life experience than before,
but still not very much at all.
is that how it happens?
one day you realize you've stopped being 12 and you're all of a sudden 30, 50, 82?
but still have 12 year, 18 year old, 30 year old moments?
funny how that happens.
i totally invented the glue used on post-its.
that's my story,
and i'm sticking with it.
what do you think?


The Jackson Family said...

Movie Magic was next to Baskin Robbins. Bay Video was attached to Bay Book & Tobacco down the way from Safeway :D

Ital Meditations said...

haha yes those were the days. Just send me some PB & Choc ice cream (that will ship to Thailand, right?!?!) haha and I would be content...Although they do have DQ here which is pretty heavenly.