"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, November 8, 2012

speaking southern

{drinking juice boxes and watching the school bus unload all of the neighborhood kids.}
it's hard to believe that it will be 30* and snowing tomorrow,
when we are in flip flops, short sleeves, and shorts today.
i've been talking to myself in a southern accent lately.
and i'm not talking about talking to myself out loud.
i'm talking about talking in my head.
i've been reading the Divine Secrets of the YA-YA Sisterhood,
and it's got me speaking southern up in my head.
it's relaxing.
i absolutely ADORE saying baby man in my head in my southern accent.
i haven't tried speaking southern out loud,
b/c i'm scared it will ruin the southern party i'm currently having up in my head.
in fact right this very minute,
as i'm typing to you,
i'm typing in my southern accent up in my head.
if i had it my way i'd eat butter cookies dipped in chocolate
 and read a book on my lounger chair every day,
every afternoon.
lately, it is my favorite thing to do if i ever have a minute to sit down.
when i was nursing chase this afternoon i looked down at his blonde eyelashes and his blue eyes,
and i was taken away in his baby man charm.
these are the moments when i'm so glad i'm still nursing.
the times when the big gibbies are causing a stir 
{that is one of my new southern phrases i've taken on--causing a stir},
pouring cereal all over my kitchen floor,
or barging in and jumping on the bed,
making it impossible for chase to ever focus on drinking milk EVER AGAIN from my boob.
those are the times i want to quit.
but these little moments in the afternoon,
when my house in quiet and still,
and those little blonde eyelashes and blue eyes are looking up at me,
i'm in the dreamiest of dream lands,
with my southern accent writing the script of it all up in my head.
and then baby man starts his happy squawk {i had to spell check that}.
not annoying in the least,
just the most darling little squawk you've ever heard.
where he fluctuates to so many levels of baby talking pitch,
that he leaves you smiling in adoration b/c you know you have the most genius baby to have ever lived, talking to you right at that moment.
and then he'll turn to me during his squawk,
with his bright eyes all lit up,
and then his dimples will start to set in where his cheeks begin,
and all i can do is breathe in the most euphoric moment of my entire day.
nursing baby man chase ray,
with a southern accent up in my head,
and the sweetest little talking baby squawk you ever did hear.


Sue said...

Awwww. That post went down like sweet potato pie, dahlin'.

Fried green tomatoes, anyone??


Amy said...

You are adorable.