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Thursday, February 14, 2013

writing his 7 letter name 13 times

{brennan asked me to read every conversation heart in his entire box when i was making dinner last week. one by one as he ate them he would hold it up, i would read it, and then acted out each one i read. 
it was so SO cute. and then when he was going to bed he told me i was his valentine. i love that sweet boy.}
yesterday i bribed brennan to power through writing his name 12 times in a row.
poor chap has 7 letters in his name.
and do you know what i bribed him with?
that he could make a valentine for himself at the end:)
i.e. writing his name for the 13th time.
don't judge,
it was at his request.
happy valentine's days!!!!!!!!
and happy birthday to valentine valerie
aka grandma gibson
born on valentine's day, in st. valentine's hopsital, and named valerie.
delivered by dr. love.
ok, that last part isn't true,
but everything else is.
always a vision in red!
it's her color;)
i hope your day is full of conversation hearts and smooches with the ones you love.


Amy said...

Genius idea! Love it. Teaching them to write their names is such a "fun" thing to do, I must say.

Sue said...

At least he isn't like my grandson, Jeremiah. 8 letters.

And he used to really sigh over that.


Kindra said...

Charlie's name is 7 letters too. I know I thought about it when I named my kids but I didn't REALLY think about it! Is that a pen that he is using, where did you get it!