"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, April 18, 2013


dear brennan,
last week you wrote your first story board at home.
you drew everyone in our family, plus cade.
and then later max had you go back and add caitlyn.
then you wrote words across the top,
and called it your story.
and wanted me to read it after you were done.
you even drew chase with his legs crawling {third picture on the right}.
you are so smart.
scary smart!
i am SO proud of how creative you are with everything that you do.
but especially of how you draw.
you are fearless when it comes to drawing.
there is nothing that you won't try.
i always wanted to be a good drawer.
and i marvel at your skill.
yesterday you brought home a book that you made at preschool.
my favorite part was where you drew a black storm cloud and a yellow lightening bolt.
you told me you came up with all on your own,
and were especially proud to point out that neither miss kim nor miss jamie helped you do it.
you did it all by yourself.
i hung it on the fridge next to the stove so that i could look at it every time i make dinner.
i love to have you tell me about your pictures.
what colors you used,
what people you put in them,
and then i hope and pray that you won't lose your creativity in drawing.
a special gift that most people lose confidence in over time.
so that's what i wish,
for you to keep drawing.
to keep telling your stories on blank pieces of white paper.
as many times a day as you'd like.

love mom


becca said...

wow look at him not only smart but creative to

Carol (Mehr) Simpson said...

I hope you remember what an incredible artist you were! I framed and hung in my house several of your drawings. I hope that you remember how much I encouraged you to continue drawing. I would take you to the Kimball Art Center in Park City to show you that people painted for a living, and you could, too!! You were so creative!

Amy said...