"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, June 10, 2013

after 5pm it officially becomes an annex of the weekend.

there is no such thing as bedtime from now until September.
i think that last night while i was sleeping, the winds of the wizard of oz swept me up, 
swirled me around, and landed our house in Arizona.
it's hotter than snot over here right now.
and i'm melting.
it feels like july.
times 100.
which means the nights are the most perfect temperature you will ever feel.
on the whole entire planet.
i love to bathe my babies right out of the swimming pool,
after a long day of swimming and sunscreen,
lotion them up,
comb their little hair,
and throw them into jammies to play with their cousins until the sun goes down.
we grown ups {plus a few pre-grown ups} sit around the fire pit at the family yard, listening to everyone's different mixes on their phones over the stereo system on the pavilion, with dave's fancy twinkle lights above our heads all around, and have good old fashioned conversations about life and the weather. then we play name that song and artist, and somebody runs into the deck house room to check to see if we were right.
we eat chocolate pie, have slushies, roast marshmallows, and try to be the first in line for troy's ice cream machine. b/c everyone knows the first 3 cones are puuuuuure cream and it's the absolute best:)
and right at that moment when the sun is just about to fall below the western sky, 
i think that maybe the hot unbearable days aren't so bad after all.
b/c it makes the nights feel so amazingly perfect.
shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and 80 degrees at 11 o'clock at night.
or your bathing suit.
no sunscreen necessary.
i promise you, there is nothing else like it.
my children had not been in bed before 11pm in 4 nights until tonight.
brennan was just not made for this kind of life.
the poor chap wakes up at 7am regardless of what time he falls asleep.
and after 4 days of this, all of his coping skills were just non-existant.
max and chase sleep 12 hours from whenever you put them to sleep.
i vow to myself right here and now to get brennan to bed by 8pm for the rest of the week,
minus friday b/c it's not part of the week. after 5pm it officially becomes an annex of the weekend.
i make no promises after that.
it's summertime,
and the livin's easy.
{i like to scorch my mashmallows and peel off the burnt part to eat, followed by the gooey center...sean takes 20 min to get a perfectly golden brown outside and gooey center. i don't have that kind of patience for a marshmallow. he and brennan are two of a kind when it comes to roasting marshmallows.}

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Ben and Katie Brown said...

sounds heavenly...it was 58 degrees today and raining. i miss the heat and the sun. i would love to stay up until 11pm talking by the fire, but both of my kids are like Brennan. up by 630-7am every morning no matter what time in bed the night before...we are heading to chico for the next 2 weeks though... can't wait for the heat, sun, and a tan!