"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey Dad

Hey Dad,
Remember last time you were here to ski,
and you slept without a pillow on the guest bed for 4 days,
because I forgot to put one out,
and you just thought I didn't have one?
Except I had two pillows in the hall closet right outside of your room the entire time.
But you're just so mellow and easy going,
that you didn't care.
Because you don't like to cause a fuss.
And I was so busy with the kids that I didn't notice it
until I went in on the last day and realized there was no pillow on your bed.
Well guess what?
Today, the kids and I went to target to buy Sean some razors to keep his head a smooth as a baby's bottom,
and we bought you a brand new pillow.
I put it in the hall closet right outside of Chase's room for you.
Left it in the plastic and everything.
Mostly because I wanted it to stay brand spanking new for you,
and I'm a little bit lazy with things like that.
This way I for sure know my kid's paws will stay off it.
Also, I washed all of the sheets and made the bed.
Can't believe I'm so ahead of things.
I know.

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