"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 28, 2013

it's not thriller.

brennan is plugging his ears 
b/c he's worried that the thriller song 
is going to come on the halloween mix 
i was playing tonight. 
the poor kid is still traumatized 
from last year when i had the 
brilliant idea to show it to him.
he plugged his ears for two whole songs 
before he finally believed me 
that it wasn't thriller playing.

{photo bomb, courtesy of max}
i was chomping at the bit for bedtime tonight.
it was a day!!!
and i was just really ready for it to be over:)
like everyone cried and whined and fought all day,
and i didn't even want to carve pumpkins 
because i just wanted it to be over
kind of day.
and i'm just glad the day is over.
i helped brennan carve his skeleton pumpkin,
but i had a bad attitude in my head almost the entire time.
the kids were so proud of their pumpkins at the end.
and my haste in the skeleton's mouth made it smiling and happy.
but brennan was still just so proud and happy 
to outline and carve his very own pumpkin 
almost by himself this year 
that he didn't go on about it very long.
and as i'm sitting here thinking about 
their little smiling faces,
and carved pumpkins on my front porch 
i'm just wondering why i had such a bad attitude 
about carving that skeleton pumpkin anyway.
the end.

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