"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

my shirt is still inside out.

{chase's foot looks abnormally large in this picture.}
at about 4:03pm today i realized my shirt was inside out.
and that it was inside out all day long.
the entire time i checked in at the front office of brennan's school,
worked in his classroom for 2 hours and 45 minutes,
picked up the preschool carpool,
and everything else i did after that.
just my luck,
it was a black shirt.
and no one but me noticed.
except after 4:03pm i could not fight the urge to flip my shirt the right side over.
don't ask me why i never did it.
ok, fine,
it was because
a. i was wearing a big chunky necklace
b. i like a lot of white deordorant
these are lame excuses,
but they are mine.
still right now i can hardly contain myself to not flip it right side out.
but really,
if i'm gonna take my shirt off now,
i might as well just leave it off.
lucky for sean;)
in other news...
chase finally fell head first into the creek at the family yard.
and it was surprisingly full for this time of year.
the creek.
not flowing fast at all though.
my hawk like ears heard the splash,
and he had the good sense to stand up.
he came out of that creek like a wet hen.
i was so relieved.
he was less amused.
my mom and i stripped him down to a dry diaper,
soaking wet shirt,
and black suede boots,
and wrapped him up in a pool towel.
that darling little baby man let me hold him like that 
for a good 3 minutes before he ran off to play in just his diaper.
{it was hot hot hot! our lucky day.}
pure bliss!
about an hour later he came back for 3 minutes more.
then tonight,
after a day of what appears to be the first cold 
of the cold and flu season 
here in the gibson home,
chase let me sing to him before bed.
after i sucked the snot out of his nose,
and gave him medicine,
he put his head on my shoulder for 4 whole songs!
he didn't move an inch,
except for one time when he reached up and touched my cheek with his hand.
the softest and sweetest little pudgy baby hand.
{inset angel choir singing here.}
it was 67 degrees
in november.
the most wonderful
{even if brennan did poop in his pants twice.}
{once in underwear.}
{once not.}
nothing can bring me down on a day as awesome as this! 
tonight i cleaned out our medicine bin,
and i found that
we have 68 medicine cups.
last winter was rough.
and we worked up a solid collection.
a leaning tower of Pisa collection.
i kept 10 and threw out the rest.
my neighbor and his son just came over.
good thing my shirt was still on.
but dang it,
it was still inside out.
the end:)

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Amy said...

some days you just have to keep your shirt inside out. It is always inevitable that a little toddling baby will fall head first into a stream. I am glad it all worked out!