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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

we all thought they were a vegetable {meatball sandwiches recipe}

when i just couldn't stand it anymore,
i had to get up on my counter,
and then prop the worst side up.
works like a charm.
every time.
oprah calls it multi-tasking.
so the spaghetti sauce doesn't splatter,
while the meatballs cook.
i apparently wear my purple striped sweater a lot.
no apologies.
it's super comfy.
these were great too.
sean and i agreed,
that the sauce counted for our vegetable this night,
because even though we know tomatoes are a fruit now,
we all thought they were a vegetable until we were at least 10.
maybe 12.
meatball sandwiches

tray of frozen meatballs from costco
trader joe's NOT chunky marinara sauce in jar
sandwich buns {i bought cheap, soft ones from winco--AMAZING}
shredded mozarella cheese

1. cook your tray of frozen meatballs as directed on bag, 
while warming your jar of sauce on the stove.
2. when meatballs are done, throw 'em in the sauce and stir until it all feels like it's as hot as you want.
3. spoon 4-5 meatballs onto a bun {make sure your buns are still "together" on one side so the sauce and meatballs don't fall out the other side.}, add extra sauce until your buns are filled up.
4. put on foil covered cookie sheet, 
and continue until all your buns are lined up in a row.
5. cover them up a TON with your shredded mozzarella.
6. bake at 400* for 5-10 minutes, 
or until cheese is all melty and nice:) 
in honor of high school nostalgia,
i had to have a root beer with it. 
to paige and jackie--3 words: subway, 3am, hawaii.
brennan was asking when we could have them again after his first bite.
we spent the rest of the night watching chase drag sean around 
by the hand 
with a bucket over his head.
chase, not sean.
he likes to put it on, and run into the walls over and over again,
laughing hysterically, even when it knocks him down.
except i think he mostly just likes that we are all laughing at him.
because it's hilarious.
there might not be anything funnier than a baby man walking around
with a bucket over his entire head,
running into walls.
belly laughing.
not to worry,
responsible parents such as us 
always have the stairs and landings well monitored.
don't try this at home folks.
unless you're responsible about stairs and stuff like us.
is the 3rd child always the comedian?
sean's mom says he was too.
that's why i'm asking.
sean was dragging max around on his leg.
and brennan was the one being chased.
just another thursday night at the gibson home.

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jen said...

Sorry about your legs. But from the looks of Dad in those pictures, you're not the only one who knows how to multi-task!