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Friday, February 7, 2014

i'm still so proud about it {max's BIRTHday}

i guessed your weight 
before you came out.
right down to the ounce.
i'm still so proud about it.
the nurse couldn't believe how quickly you came.
you were my easiest labor.
and my best nurser.
it was love at first sight.
you ate so well,
you dehydrated yourself in the first 24 hours.
i cried about that the second night you were born.
i blame hormones.
and the passive aggressive nurse.
amanda and ann marie were there.
dad went home to see brennan and give him a bath.
they brought me peanut butter cheesecake and raspberry lemonade 
from cheesecake factory,
and we watched bachelor 
and held you.
you never cried.
you sucked your thumb.
you sucked a binky.
and you were fine with nothing at all too.
you loved to sleep with your pink and white holey blanket that grandma casper made you.
you would always pull it up over your face,
but i never worried because it had lots of holes for you to breathe through.
you'd poke your fingers and toes through the holes too.
you still sleep with that blankie at night.
all of the nurses in the hospital nursery couldn't believe how calm you were in the nursery.
when people came to hold you,
they told me they could just feel how special and sweet your spirit was in their arms.
it really was amazing.
you just had this aura about you.
dad and i knew we were was the luckiest parents in the entire world to call you ours.
you made us look like such pros.
i dressed you in obscenely large bows and the cutest little girly outfits.
some of the bows looked bigger than your head.
it was so SO cute.
every baby has a color.
pink was your color.
your cheeks were rosy pink,
and your lips were bright red and perfectly plump.
you were the most pretty little girl i have ever seen.
you still are. 
happy BIRTHday max.
i love you my little baby doll.

little miss max all dolled up and ready to go home.
we called her "kinzie" a lot back then.
brennan meets max for the 1st time at home.
i can't believe you're 4 today.

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