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Thursday, April 24, 2014

BE KIND, REWIND {#decade}

dear sean,
last weekend in arizona when you had the guitar duo come over and sing me a special love song,
i really really love that.
it made my heart flutter!
especially when you whispered the English words into my ears,
as they sang in spanish.
it reminded me of our honeymoon.
the most beautiful beautiful spanish.
and they were singing about i am nothing without you.
you make me whole.
really heart stopping, i'll love you forever, you make all my dreams come true stuff like that.
i can still hear those guitar strings strumming,
and feel your arm wrapped around mine.
how warm you are.
how warm you always are.
10 years ago feels like yesterday.
like no time has passed at all.
but like we've come so far together.
can you believe it??!!
it was 70 and sunny.
i remember watching stacie sitting in the grass and putting sunscreen on.
and then putting some on my arms and neck too.
i remember the japanese tour bus unloading and taking pictures of us 
while we were taking the picture below.
on our wedding video is shows me waving at them, lifted up on your shoulder.
i wonder what they did with those pictures?
i remember the tulips were blossoming all over temple square.
the most perfectly bright and beautiful tulip blossoms.
i remember thinking there was no one around but just us.
even though i know there were TONS of people everywhere.
i remember not really knowing what to do with my bouquet in some of the pictures.
this was before the invention of pinterest and tutorials about how to pose for your wedding pictures.
i remember the wind was blowing,
and it made my veil blow up above me,
and it made for some really cute pics.
i remember being sealed to you in the temple,
watching your eyes tear up across the altar from me and we both said yes,
knowing that i was going to spend forever
with no one but you.
and i remember thinking that forever just might not even be long enough to satisfy me.
i love with you.
10 yrs ago...
there was no such thing as "social media," not even MySpace was out yet, let alone Facebook or Instagram.
there was only one laundry detergent that came for "he" washers 
because front loaders were JUST hitting the stores and they were the "new retro."
nobody had wireless internet because ethernet was a luxury, but most people still used dial-up 
{like us because we could use mom's password to sign onto her AOL account for free}. 
It took about 5 minutes to log on to check your email, which you only did every couple of days anyway. sometimes i would take a shower while it was logging on 
because i knew that by the time i was out it MIGHT be connected.
there were no smart phones, and nobody texted because it was just too expensive. the hot new cell phone was a tiny motorolla with a green light screen that came with one of the first interchangeable covers offered. i remember i found a cute pink hibiscus flower one at the mall and everyone wanted to know where i got one that wasn't just a plain color. right after that the NOKIA phone came out that lit up WHITE, and it had lots of different cases you could switch out for. you could also personalize a message to pop up to yourself when you turned it on.
we checked when our favorite tv shows were on by the TV Guide channel, 
and it was always a bonus when you caught it rolling in on channel 2. winning!!!
there was so such thing as a DVR, and if you wanted something recorded you had to tape it on your VHS recorder, which i did until maxine was born because i just didn't see why on earth someone would need a TeVo or a DVR anyway {wow. WOW.} the worst was when you set your show to record on the wrong speed and it ran through an entire tape in 30 minutes, cutting it off halfway through oprah, OR when the programming changed due to some fluke of scheduling and there was no such thing as just 
watching it online later, or better yet catching it on demand.
there was no netflix. we rented our VHS tapes from horkley's {gas station in rexburg} for .50 cents 
{BE KIND REWIND}, and if we wanted to splurge on a DVD it was $1.50. we always bought sodas for .60 cents and 100 swedish fish out of the penny candy tub, 
with a bag of popcorn to share. those were the best date nights.
plasma tv's were the new rage.
iMac's in different colors were the computer/laptop everyone wanted, but everyone still had PC's.
gas was less than $2 a gallon. WAY LESS. like it was $1.05 or something like that.
"distressed" jeans were brand new, with bleached crease lines and holes. OH HOLES!!! holes were BIG BIG BIG business in fashion.
the atkin's diet was the diet everyone had just done or was about to do again.
thin thin thin sunglasses were in style. the thinner, the better.
and platform flip flops by Rocket Dogs. WOAH BABY. they were my FAVORITE:)
everyone carried around Kodak disposable cameras to take pictures.
digital cameras were just coming out, but no one had them.
we went to the drug store to develop our film. 
i loved printing them with the white border around the outside.
you could do black and white film if you had a high tech "professional" camera to load it into, but you had to wait until your film was DEVELOPED to see how they turned out, and it always took about a week unless you paid mucho bucko's for 24 hour developing. 
you would order "doubles" so you could share your pictures with your friends or give one to your mom.
and the best part of picking up a roll of film from the photo place was standing there looking through each picture and laughing about them with your friends about how claaaaasic each shot was.
we have about 8 pictures from our entire honeymoon because we just didn't take that many pictures.
there was no such thing as a "selfie," but of course we took them, we just didn't call them that. what did we call them anyway?
we bought things in cash, but didn't balance our checkbook because online banking had JUST come out,
so we could check our balance every day on our home computer.
people left VOICE messages, and if it was a boy you were dating or wanted to be dating, my friends and i would analyze the message about 5 million times, before we CALLED him back, which of course we would rehearse our exact reply and sometimes write it down {wait what?} before we called him back, 
just in case we also had to leave a message back.
it was NOT to call more than once. that was too desperate.
call waiting and caller ID was a luxury.
nobody had GPS--they used paper maps or SUCKY MAP QUEST directions that you printed out online before you left--the directions were always wrong. 
i once got lost in san francisco on my 18th birthday for 3 hours. SCARRED for life.
there was no pinterest.
"googling it" was even new, but sometimes we still used "ask jeeves."
does that even still exist?
we bought CD's from tower records or whatever record store was in the mall.
if you didn't want to buy the entire album you'd buy just the single.
there was no such thing as "get it on iTunes."
the Napster scam was big news because it happened right when we were graduating from high school,
but you could still download music for free on some file sharing sites 
like Audio Galaxy when we got married. i'm pretty sure i made our entire wedding CD gift from there.
We made our friends/boyfriends/girlfriends mix CD's. Labeled and decorated with sharpies.
the more intricate the design and colors the more they loved you.
and yet sometimes less was more too.
tapes were a thing of the past, but i still had a tape player in my Jeep, which i loved to play my paula abduel tape on with the volume turned up as loud as possible. also, i really loved your praise to man tape on sundays. where did that cassette go anyway?
nobody had heard of rascal flatts, but they were FAMOUS in idaho, 
and their "Melt" album was our favorite.
wedding dresses were WHITE WHITE WHITE. the most beautiful crisp white, 
and the bigger the poof at the bottom, the better!
in utah and idaho it was super trendy to color the bottom half of your hair dark deep red. 
my dad was horrified.
you could buy a full-fare ticket on southwest one-way for $79 ANYWHERE, and sometimes you could even score a $59 or $69 ticket if you didn't mind 2 or 3 stops along the way.
white puka shell necklaces and white tennis shoes were so in style for boys, and sean was OVER THE TOP AMAZINGLY JAW DROPPING GORGEOUS in them.
spikey hair, especially when it was pushed up straight in the front.
all of my friends and i had a least 2 pairs of lucky jeans and 3 pairs of steve madden shoes.
everybody went to tanning beds--is that really still something people do??? except for my roommate dolly who did the european spray tan before anyway had even heard of it. i love that smart girl!
i took my CD player {anti-skip} to the gym with my favorite running CD mix, which i labeled with a sharpie.
some people used MP3 players, and ipods were JUST coming out.
no one had ever seen WHITE headphones before.
and hashtags were just a symbol on the computer we used 
when we didn't want to take the time to write out the word "number."
i can't believe how much the world has changed in the last 10 years.
i am so glad i've gotten to watch it all with you.
te amo, mi amore.
te amo.

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Sue said...

Wait till you've been married 40 years. You won't believe the differences in the world. Kinda mind boggling.