"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the baby man's BIRTHday.

dear chase,
you came out blue.
purple blue.
with red hair.
i remember you didn't cry,
and i kept asking if everything was ok,
and dr. nielson said everything was ok,
but it just started to freak me out the longer you went without crying.
because none of my other babies had ever gone this long without crying.
not even makenzie maxine.
but dr. nielson just kept telling me that everything was going to be fine,
and eventually after some good sucks from the good old fashioned O2 tank,
you really were fine.
and then there you were,
with your bright red hair all cleaned up,
and in a blue and white striped cap,
with pink chubby gooshy skin,
in my arms.
and i just couldn't get over that i had another 9lb baby. 
more than a 9lb baby.
and dad and i just sat there staring at you,
and i remember i telling him i thought you looked like you had a good sense of humor.
and was it even possible to think that a 10 minute old baby could look like they had a good sense of humor?
but you did.
you just did.
and you do.
you really really do.
have a really good sense of humor.
and i could see it in your face.
from the very first minutes you were in my arms
when you were born.
i fed you,
we all cooed over you.
grandma and grandpa sandie held you.
they snuck up to the hospital first.
and got to marvel over you all to themselves.
then after about an hour of that dad wheeled you off to your bath,
and they wheeled me off to our other room.
grandma and grandpa gibson were there,
and grandma carol was there.
and grandma and grandpa sandie walked up there too.
there was never a hall so full of grandparents 
in love 
with a chubby red headed comedian baby ever!
you were the chubbiest,
fattest, cuddliest little baby man.
i loved just holding you in front of me,
and staring at you with all of your chub a chubs.
and putting my hands through your bright red hair.
we told all of the nurses how my grandpa and sean's grandma and bunches of both of our cousins all have red hair,
and i'm still not sure why i was so surprised to get a red head.
i should have expected all 3 of you to be red heads.
and when i would put my hands through your hair,
it would get all greasy,
and that would make it even more red.
you wanted to sleep more than you wanted to eat.
typical boy newborn.
at least with my experience.
but you never really cried.
and you were happy to BE.
our go with the flow baby man.
i love chase ray!


kkupfer said...

So cute, I love LD stoires. So much fun. I hope you are doing well.

Brittany said...

He is one chunky monkey!! ;) love that red hair too- what a cute baby! I love delivery stories too. That's one experience in life that just cannot be beat. Happy bday chase!!