"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, May 8, 2014

it's the hard knock life for me.

dear Home Depot of Sandy,
My 2 yr old ate this package of pumpkin seeds today 
while i pushed my cart through the outside garden aisles
of your store.
my favorite place to go this time of year!
he didn't even spit the paper out.
he swallowed it like a delicious chick fil-a nugget,
as i perused the lilac bushes and hanging flower baskets.
and then he ate a few seeds,
and a bag full of popcorn that the free estimate people were giving out.
pure heaven!
just as he was about to dump the rest of the pumpkin seed packet contents all over the floor in front of the bird feeders,
i put this half eaten package of seeds into my purse right on top, to salvage whatever was left of my future jack o'lanterns,
FULLY INTENDING to have the package scanned at checkout.
and then tonight while sitting at red lobster with the best looking man in the joint,
it came to me:
i never paid for the package of pumpkins still residing in my purse beside me.
a criminal over $1.59.
dang it!!!
that's what i shouted out 
over a dr. pepper and a basket of red lobster rolls tonight.
and i just wanted to let you know,
i'll be in tomorrow to square things up.
and also, i might buy some marigolds.
my apologies,
hard knock crimal
my iphone camera is broken.
or maybe i just need an update?
so i can only take backwards pictures through my instagram app,
and so everything is showing up backwards.
i can hardly wait for the birdies to come:)

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