"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

the land of greatest imaginations {that one time i passed out WHILE riding my bike}

max always ends up in the princess section.
where she stuffs her library bag full of about 20 angelina ballernia books,
including the christmas and easter angelina ballerina.
lately, brennan and i have been camping out in the bug/dinosaur aisle.
where chase pulls out about ten books that he can grab from the confines of his stroller,
at arm's length,
and then drops them down onto the floor.
in the masses or one by one.
usually it's just faster than popcorn popping.
the Dewey decimal system and i have become great friends this summer.
just sayin.
before we leave we always end up at the fairy tales and fables.
my very favorite place in the entire library.
where magic meets every story i've ever loved,
and where my heart gets to greet every story i've ever hoped to love.
peter and the wolf
rapuzel {the original}
robin hood
the fox and the hen
the three little pigs
cinderella {not the disney version}
and the list could go on and on and on and on.
there is just something about feeling the REAL pages in a book,
smelling them, turning them, 
that take me to the land of greatest imaginations.
the land where all readers love to be.
and i just love that i get to take my kids there with me.
every week during summer.
also, i love to tell them the story about how when i was 10, 
and i was riding my bike home from this very library in the hot utah summer,
and it was SO HOT.
did i mention it was hot???
it was HOT.
like suffocating HOT.
and as i pedaled my bike up sego lily drive,
i passed out.
right into the grass on the sidewalk.
there she goes.
or there i went.
heat and i have never been friends.
but that cold.
well, you know what they say.
it never bothered me anyway;)
have mercy.
i promise i'll never say that again.

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Susan Anderson said...

This pic is classic.