"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

the wash.

brennan  used to be in chase's spot in the basket.
and chase use to be in dean's spot in the basket.
but when you're laundry room only has room for two baskets,
somebody had to get bumped from the basket.
and since brennan's room is at the bottom of the stairs off of the laundry room,
brennan got bumped from the basket.
so i just run his loot right down,
or if i'm feeling REALLY adventurous,
i have HIM run his loot right down.
and then i feel like i've taught my kids about a little 1st world hard work for the day,
and we can go back to jumping on the tramp and riding bikes,
and begging for more video games and stuff like that.
now say it with me:
"designated spots."
in the bins! my friends!
designated spots!
it's genius,
it's amazing,
and it's run my laundry room for 5 years.
easy to put away!
easy to not put away!
because it works like a dresser on TOP of your washer and dryer.
so convenient and handy you see.
people with lots of stairs can appreciate this.
people with kids with lots of stairs can appreciate this.
people with kids with lots of stairs without any time to put away clothes can appreciate this.
or just OCD people that like to have organized laundry can appreciate this.
i hang dry everything.
even baby clothes.
{except for jammies, and socks, and bras, and some other stuff that i feel like doesn't need to be preserved for time and all eternity.
and well, i do hang dry the japanese kimono jammies, and the elsa jammies, and my soma jammies. ok, maybe i DO hang dry SOME jammies. but not all the jammies!}
there, i said it.
don't judge.
just appreciate,
and wish you were my baby sister.
'cause one day,
she's gonna get some slammin' kid clothes hand me downs.
that look BRAND SPAKIN' NEW.
even baby onesies.
especially girl baby onesies,
as only one gibson ever saw those.
because they were all hung dry.
{which is also why i have black shirts that i wear 
that i bought 10 years ago that look brand new.}
THAT's what she said;)
laundry is my happy place.
it gives me joy.
and also, the kids can't get to it and dump folded bins out all over my floors.
at least they haven't figured out how to...yet.
{and wish you were my baby sister}.
the end.


Ben and Katie Brown said...

Man. I just have each persons stack on the couch for the day, and when the kids get home from school, I make them put it all away! So nice!!! I wish that we had a laundry room that was dedicated to just laundry... Can't wait to buy a house!

Amy Involuntary said...

My laundry situation is a mess! Seriously, I have a gorgeous laundry room, which is huge and doubles as my crafting/sewing room, but it is ridiculously messy. I am sometimes a whiz with laundry, but mostly not. One day I will learn. And possibly weed out Faye's clothes because the girl has more clothes than the rest of us combined!