"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, October 4, 2015

{this is the BEST way to describe him}

reasons why 
i'm the luckiest gal 
in the world:
1. for the first 7 years we were married he let me put my feet on his stomach when they were ICY cold to warm them up {one word: REXBURG}.
2. he does diapers and burping in the middle of the newborn night {always has, still does--he does get back to sleep duty with max. it's a gift. believe me.}
3. every day he calls me at some point just to see how i'm doing.
4. he let me talk him into have a 4th baby {i MAY have caught him in a moment of weakness, but he tells me now he's so glad i did! right sean?! RIGHT?!--no really though;)...he does!}
5. he is the BEST father.
6. he never has to worry about what he says or does because his integrity and character is just THAT strong.
7. in the dictionary {what are those???}, next to "hard working" there is a picture of him.
8. he gets along with everybody, and i mean EVERYBODY.
9. he is SO thoughtful and considerate AND LOYAL to me as his wife.
10. he loves his mother {which is what makes him such a good husband}.
i could go on and on and on with a list of 100 things and STILL not be done 
with this amazing man of mine! HAPPY HAPPY TO MY ADORABLY HANDSOME 
{this is the BEST way to describe him} SEAN SEAN!!!

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