"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 26, 2015

he looked like he had a rash coming on anyway;)

so giving away the binky on christmas eve was pretty much a disaster.
and by disaster i mean that he wouldn't leave the binky with the cookies.
brennan and max were so supportive.
told him what santa left them when they left their binkies.
brennan even put his hand on chase's shoulder.
it was pretty precious.
even when chase threw brennan's hand off of his shoulder and screamed 
i laughed inside a little.
and maybe smiled at brennan.
so sean put dean to bed,
read stories to max and brennan,
and i stayed in front of the christmas tree with crying chase,
trying to get him to leave his binkies for santa for 30 minutes.
then finally, after he had screamed in horror that he wanted to keep his binkies,
and me feeling like i was ruining chase's christmas magic,
we all agreed he could go to sleep with it,
and santa would come in and take the binky out of his bed.
and that is just what we did.
i may or may not be using benedryl to help him fall asleep this week without?
he looked like he had a rash coming on anyway;)

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