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Thursday, November 10, 2016

so there's a crack in the garbage disposal...

so there's a crack in the garbage disposal.
also all of my halloween decorations are still out.
except for over the tv, which basically i call my fireplace mantel.
that has thanksgiving up.
and the halloween stuff is piled up on top of the couch so baby dean and chase can't get to it.
because the kids got into the storage closet.
which means i can't get into the halloween bins to put it all away.
so our house has a lot of this going on in it right now.
the plumber came out yesterday to inspect.
the sink. the disposal. whichever.
and he declared he'd never seen a crack in that place.
i asked him if it could have been caused by someone throwing 23 quarters down the disposal.
he laughed, and i raised my eyebrows, 
and we had a moment of solidarity standing there in my kitchen.
they're coming back tomorrow to put in a new one.
merry christmas house! we are buying you a new food grinder;).
then the light bulb in the light fixture over the kitchen table started smoking.
i kid you not.
sean and i laughed really hard about it all at the end of the day yesterday.
i love this stupid house.
mostly the peach tree ;)

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