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Thursday, October 9, 2008

30 meals in 1 DAY!!! okay, only 26

it's true, i made 26 meals in one day! this is the third time i have conquered this culinary endeavour, but this was the first time since having brennan. it was much more difficult with the little man to take care of, but SO worth it and completely "do-able" with a little help from wonderful mr. sean. SO SO SO worth it. when i lived in rexburg one of my teacher friends told me about this book called Dinner Is Ready ($12.95 Desert Book: see link). it taught me how to organize a shopping list, shop more effectively, and cook 30 meals in one day. i thaw out the meals the day before or the day of and throw it in the oven. i usually make a fresh veggie to go with each meal. you can go to places like My Girlfriend's Kitchen as well. they offer everything for you to make 12 meals in 2 hours, so you don't have to do the prep work. i have never tried their company, but have had friends that enjoyed it.
i LOVE spending the entire day cooking in my home. i love doing it myself b/c i get to decide how fattening or "low fattening", salted or unsalted, spicy or mild, etc. i want my meals to be. the best part about spending 10 hours cooking for the entire month is finishing something healthy and rewarding for my family. if you are always trying to figure out how to get dinner ready with everything else you do all day try it out! i am happy to help anyone get started and tell you all of the tricks i use to make the day go easily. my picture above doesn't show all of my meals. thanks to my cousin i stored about six meals in her garage freezer, but the first time i did it all in my own freezer. you pick 15 recipes from the book and make 2 of everything=30 meals. it's totally possible, good luck!


Gilbert Family said...

you are AMAZING. i have never heard of such a thing. i might have to try it. thanks for the ideas! take care!

emily said...

yay! you'll LOVE it once it's done:-)

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Wow Emily! Your pretty much amazing! HOly Cow! It seems like such a daunting task!