"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

moment of the mess

i went to lunch with my mom and cousin, shannon at Zupas. it's a soup, salad, and sandwich place that sean's mom introduced me to. now that brennan eats solid foods he wants everything that sean and i are eating...and everyone else for that matter. i bring a mesh food holder in my bag everywhere i go so i can stuff a fruit or veggie i am eating into it for him to suck on. he LOVES it. i will show a pic of the wonderful mesh food holder later. anyway, i put some strawberries and blackberries into the holder, handed it to brennan, and payed attention to my food for awhile. when i looked over again i saw brennan's face, hands, highchair, mouth, and shirt completely covered in red juices. it was ADORABLE. i loved the mess and could not believe i hadn't brought my camera. i am vowing now to never leave the house without it again. isn't fun to make a mess!? i'm so glad that he made a mess on his own, because if i had been paying more attention to him at the time i might have stopped him to clean him up. it was so much better to enjoy the moment of the mess, laugh histaricly, take pictures, and wipe it all off later. this is a pic of the shirt right before our nap. i love the face he has on. "just let me take a nap mom!"


Reading Family said...

Love the mess! I think that your little family photos are the cutest! You are all very photogenic.

Lety said...

I wanted to comment on your family pictures and how cute they are... and there's 3 more posts! You're really on top of it! Anyways well... good for you for having such a good attitude when it comes to messes! Not me! Brennan looks so cute and GROWN UP!