"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 29, 2009

"these is my words": part 1

it's that time of the month,
and i'm NOT talking about THAT;-)
i'm talking about,
emilisq's bloggin' bookies!!!
"The first thing I must do is become more religious. I will have to learn to be a 'righteous example of piety and purity, virtuous to a fault, kind and sharing,' if I am to be the Happy Bride in the book. 'Bible study is the first importance of being a wife.'...the book doesn't say what to do if you have slept in your underwear on top of a soldier in a wagon during a rainstorm."
(pg. 87) today will be questions for all of you,
tomorrow will be a more in depth discussion of what our favorite parts and thoughts were.
i've been ITCHING to hear what YOU'VE been thinking;-)
without further ADIEU, here's some questions for YOU!
1. How old was Sarah at the beginning of the book? at the end?
(i'm hoping someone has already done the math for us???)
2. What happened to Lockwood?
3. Would you have wanted Blue Horse delivering one of your babies?
4. What were your feelings towards Sarah's way of life?
5. Who was your favorite character? Why?
6. Which character did you most relate to?
7. Why did Sarah marry Jimmy?
8. What was the significance of Jack and Sarah exchanging time pieces for their wedding gifts to each other?
9. Sarah was in awe of Savannah. What person are you in awe of in your life? How has that shaped you as a person?
10. Sarah was a true heroine in this story in many ways. What is one heroic thing you have done in your life?
11.What themes did you see in the book?
12. What did you think about how the book ended?
"They will have to ask the star itself where it goes and why it is not content to stay." (pg. 384)
What meaning/symbolism did this line hold?
tune in tomorrow to hear some thoughts from the other goddesses and yours truly;-)
don't forget to go back and see what the other goddesses have written from the day before!
including some of my favorite lessons and quotes:-)
part 2 is on it's way AND i can't wait to hear more from you!!!


Proudfeet said...

Wonderful questions! I finished it a few months ago so I will need to go back to what I underlined to come up with all of my answers! But such a great pick! Can't waitt o see what you will pick for next month, I am almost done with American Wife and looking for a new read!

Sue said...

After reading the questions, I realize I am not equipped to answer most of them without reading the book again. Geez. It was only a couple of years ago that I read it. My memory is fairly worthless these days...sad to say.

One thing I can tell you is about Dee, the closest thing I've ever had to a mentor, a person I truly admired. She passed away a couple of years ago, but I was her visiting teacher...and yet, every time I went over there to teach her, I was the one who got nurtured. I always came away feeling far better than when I'd arrived.

She was one of the wisest women I'd ever met, and her natural goodness was always kind of shining in her eyes...and her entire countenance. And she was lovely, just lovely, even though she was quite overweight. But her style and the colors she wore and the fabrics she chose and her beautiful face transcended all the usual standards by which we measure beauty.

She gave me some of the best advice I've ever received...the best piece of counsel being to "just decide" to love my son and daughters-in-law. Period. No questions asked. No debate. This has really served me well and made me a far better mother-in-law.

She always smelled good, too. Being around her was like being wrapped in a soft, warm hug...even when she wasn't actually giving you one (which she did, often.)

How I miss her!


PS. THANKS for putting my blog button up! It's exciting to see.