"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a wooden tractor from shop class

i made this tractor in my 6th grade shop class.
mr silva? was that his name???
"what's a matter for you?!"
that was his famous line.
he was rumored to LOVE the girls.
regardless, he had no grading system.
he looked at your work, turned it over in his hands a few times, picked out all of the flaws, and wrote a letter on the bottom in pencil.
i turned mine over this morning and found the letter "B."
my workmanship looks pretty good to me;-)
and to brennan for that matter...
making this tractor at 12 yrs old, i never imagined my little boy playing with it.
i do remember complaining about getting a B and not an A.
i'm sure i was very dramatic about the whole thing.
i'm so glad i have it now.
and wonder how being less dramatic about pitfalls could really enhance my life?
i'm sure i was all stressed out that day.
and now, look, so wonderful to see brennan push it around my floor.
nonetheless, here's to juicy drama.
and less stress.
and pushing tractor's around the floor.
didn't want to interfere with sunday activities on the last day of the month.
and if you have some juicy drama you want to share i'd be willing to listen;-) just sayin...
loves to you and yours,


Lauren said...

Haha, Mr. Silva... I loathed that man... The only C I ever got (until grad school, that is...) and I certainly was dramatic about that... my mother will vouch.
"What's a matta fo' you!?"

Synergy Girl said...

I have to say that I am impressed! The only thing that I made was a clay turtle in Middle School, which looked like it had paws like a dog. It took me SO LONG to do that it didn't even get fired, so it broke a few years later. THE END.

Fiauna said...

Worst grade I ever got, EVER, was in sewing class. I made a duffle bag and only got a D. My dad (he sews) was so mad. I should have taken shop.

Missy said...

If I were in your class I would've pitched a fit, "Um, seriously? A tractor. How is a girl like me supposed to gain any insight to woodshop let alone enjoy it? If we were making wedge sandals then maybe." Men!?!? They think their tractor's sexy! Bah!

Sue said...

I took neither shop nor woodworking nor sewing nor cooking. Nor anything in the least bit like them.

Only on problem. Now I have no skillz.


Jess said...

You know my story about getting kick-ed out of sewing class.
And really its a B for Brennan.

Brooke said...

"UNDERWOOD!" That's what I remember. I was slightly scared of him! He took my car and tried to help me on the wheel but basically ended up shoving the whole thing through the blade which destroyed everything I'd done all week. He turned to me and said. "Start over." Thanks Silva!!!!! Oh the memories!