"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, July 26, 2009

a guessing game

the getaway-ing has almost begun.
my table is full of packed groceries.
go green bags of course;-)
you know the drill.
my bed is covered in clothing and suitcases.
the list in my head may actually make it into my bag.
although, i have forgotten the things i "couldn't live without"
i lived.
i know, crazy thinking.
here are some clues to our getaway-ing location:
far enough that it feels like it's "SO FAR" away when someone wants you to meet them there.
cooler temperatures (ahhhh, i'm smiling already).
two words.
any guesses?

and yes, we have a house sitter.
and a fish sitter, for that matter.


keri said...

Is it... Park City???

P.S. You did a wonderful Job in singing time today!

Amy said...

My guess is also Park City, and if that is where you are going, I am slightly jealous and advise you to enjoy the humongous chocolate covered strawberries up there.

Fiauna said...

I've already guessed Snow Basin (I'm reading your posts backwards) but now I'm guessing Park City. Got to be Park City.

Thompson's said...

I totally guessed Park City too (even before I read the other comments). Have Fun!!!

Sue said...

I guess I don't know Park City well enough, because I had no clue. Of course, that might be because i am distracted by a grandson who keeps trying to ride a boogie board on the couch. Very precarious.