"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, July 31, 2009

P to the C (a vacation)

a vacation that you don't have to exhaust yourself just getting to?!
i'll take it:-)
a christmas present from the gibson g-rents goes as follows...
there's nothing like waffles to start off a vacation right.
after waffles we headed for the canyons.
and a ride.
a swooping ride.
the kind where you have to put both of your arms up in the air to really enjoy it.
in one of these.
at the top, we lunched.
the things i will allow my child to do so i can have a peaceful lunch include a list of many.
letting him completely annihilate a sucker is one of the P.L.'s favorites.
and hiked.

learning about rocks with grandma G
high ho, high ho
it was a really strenuous hike.
can't you tell?
second day festivities included a day on the lake.
jordanelle to be precise.
the scout master's aunt and uncle own the marina.
thanks to the papworth's for an aMAZing day!
a life vest never looked so cute.
would you look at that little bum strap?!
the pool at the hotel had something like 6 different jacuzzi spas.
they also had the most adorable life size chess set.
other trip amenities follow
i fear i may be risking my life with this one,
but honestly,
if it's not meant for the blog,
i don't know what is.
the end.
thanks gibson g-rents, we had a blast!


Emmy said...

What a fun vacation! Very cute pictures.

And to answer your question on my blog, it was actually 8 temples, I forgot to count San Diego when I wrote that.. the list is
Em-the temples were

1. San Diego--our temple that we did a session in at the beginning of the month
2. Las Vegas--walk on grounds when we went to Las Vegas
3. St. George-saw as we drove by
4. Provo-drive by
5. Mt. Timp--drive by
6. Draper Temple--drive by
7. Jordan River--drive by
8. The Oquirrh Mountain temple that we went to the open house..

Proudfeet said...

That looks like my kind of vacation!

Sue said...

I love those close-to-home vacations, and I especially liked them when I had small children. Weekend get-aways are the best!


Levi and Katie Hansen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Park City! I am glad you guys had an awesome trip! I feel bad we didn't get together too! I didn't even bother to call anyone I knew down there because I figured everyone would have their own festivities going on that weekend! Def next time!

Missy said...

puhlease let this be a lesson to us both to not wait another 3.5 years before we see each other again! i don't think my lil' heart can handle it! xoxo