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Thursday, July 23, 2009

i'm taking hostages...and then flushing them

if you are friends with me on facebook, you will know of my disgust for the creature above.
i have been ranting for a few weeks now about the little varmints.
we live in a basement,
meaning we are prone to more bugs than the average home dweller.
we spray.
it works well.
and then this year it rained for the entire month of june.
i love the rain.
i welcomed the extended spring.
i'm not a heat person, so only having to deal with hot july and august, instead of hot june, july, and august made me a happy little camper.
but all of this rain has brought some extra campers into our camp this summer.
damp soil and rain.
which fill all of our window wells.
lovely wells they are.
full of earwigs apparently.
not lovely as they are.
so i've been squashing earwigs and flushing them down the toilet.
the scout master has been in the grind as well on the earwig squashing committee.
you HAVE to make sure they are really dead.
have you seen arachnophobia!?!
i don't want them crawling out the next time i go to "powder my nose."
so for bree and brooke i have posted the picture above in answer to your question of,
"what do the little varmints look like?"
and to answer the age old question...
if they crawl into your ear will they really make a nest and hatch millions of babies??!!??
it's been a fear of mine since the 1st grade.
true story.
please tell me that brandt neider just made it up to be mean.


Brooke said...

so you grew up in utah calling them earwigs.
i grew up in california calling them pincher bugs.
earwig=pincher bug
i understand now :)
yes, i remember how annoying they are!

also- i was trying to figure out a way to come to utah next week, but doesn't seem to be working :( i feel like i need a getaway! sigh...

Jess said...

FYI no they don't lay eggs in YOUR ears, they do so in ears of corn, hence the name earwigs. You're safe and sound (and brandt neider IS full of it)
P.S. you never told me what kind of cookies/treat you want for the tuck and roll answer.

Amy said...

I am feeling your pain, and even looking at a picture of one gives me the willies in the worst kind of way. No they don't lay eggs in your ears. That is what I was told too... and that they were really good jumpers and could get in your ears and eat your brains... I have never seen an earwig jump, so I think we are safe there.

Stacie said...

I am always afraid of them getting in my ears, too!! But I don't remember Brandt telling me that....I'm pretty sure it was my angelic brother Steve who brainwashed us!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Oh my goodness!! This is SOOOO Me! Well, other than the fact that I call them pincher bugs vs. earwigs. I was just going to make a new post about the summer bugs. We, too have a monthly exterminator, but these stinkers just keep on coming back. And...I don't know about you - but, I am finding SOOO many. Y-U-C-K! keep squishing!

Sue said...

Bugs are gross. Sorry you are being pestered by them.


Synergy Girl said...

Holy crap...I HATE earwigs...!! They creep me out!! I can't imagine what purpose they would serve other than to corrupt my walls and they seem to be in the most bizarre places...UGH...SICK!!!

Small House said...

Ooooh, when I was a young girl, one of these lovely ear wigs actually crawled into my ear while I was sleeping. One things for sure, they let you know they're there. OUCH!!!

Proudfeet said...

So so gross!!! We see them every once in a while by our back door, gag me!