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Sunday, July 12, 2009

the story of sushi and white pants

the story of sushi and white pants.
met tiff for sushi.
dang good sushi.
wore white pants.
going to baby shower after, minus my own baby.
so excited to wear white pants.
no baby to stain them.
mouth salivating for Caterpillar roll.
picked up roll with chop sticks.
love chop sticks.
dipped roll into soy sauce/wassabe mixture just in front of me.
went for a 2nd dip for added enjoyment.
SPLASH went the roll.
SPLASH went the soy.
SPLASH on my pants.

let's just say i had to go home and change before the shower.
left the pants for about 9 hours sitting in hamper without any spot treatment.
finally around 9pm remembered white pants stained with soy.
grabbed oxi clean spray.
doused pants.
threw in wash with oxi clean powder in basin.
whitest white and warm/warm setting.
i give you....
thank you oxi clean.
thank you.
other mentionables...
no, the pork loin does not have the chicken pox.
they vaccinate kids for that now.
who knew?
not sure if i ever had them.
my mother assures me she thinks i had a mild case.
let's hope:-)
so back to the chicken pox on his face...
errrr, raspberry jam impersonating chicken pox rather.


Alison said...

WOW! Yay oxiclean! I love white vinegar for the same job (but usually have to do it immediately)

Porkloin cute as ever!

Sue said...

Love oxi clean.

Love that it's jam and not the pox.


Emmy said...

Good to know that oxi-clean actually works so good.. you coud be an advertisement for them :)
I LOVE sushi. Mmmmm now I am craving some.

Jess said...

Hooray for un-stained white pants! Love the faux-pox

Lauren said...

Oxi Clean is fabulous--- but I didn't know it could be that fabulous!!

Fiauna said...

Yay for oxiclean. Yay for clean white pants. Yay for raspberry jam!

beck said...

Love oxy clean. You can soak serious stains overnight in oxy clean powder that works great too. love Brennan! What a hunk! so messy=so cute!

Proudfeet said...

Poor white pants! You are smart ot have Oxi Clean handy! That Billy Mase really knew what he was talking about!

Winder Love said...

I have been meaning to put your button on my sidebar no worries!! :) I really haven't even had time to get on my own blog until yesterday! P.S. do you have that pic of you me and Barb?? I would love that pic. Loved getting sushi with you that day, even if you did spill all over yourself.