"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 11, 2009

dress my pistachio?

want to snag the best deals you've always WISHED you could find?
click on over to my college bestie's site, DRESS MY LIFE.
she's got every snag under the sun plus ideas for finding more yourself
(how we snagged our $1 old navy tees for our 4th of july festivities)!
like $75 off coupons when you spend $100 at old navy
(i.e. you spend $25 for $100 worth of loot!).
like free gifts from coach.
like every beautifying lotion, spray, lipstick, and concealer you could possibly imagine at a discount or for free.
like tips and ideas to spruce up your wardrobe.
if you LOVE fashion and freebies, but hate doing the work, add DRESS MY LIFE to your list of followers (with her button on your sidebar, of course), and enjoy!
if you thought fashion freebies were great, don't forget to check out her food blog that will leave your mouth watering with all of the stuff you'll snag!
click here for the PINK PISTACHIO.
you're welcome in advance;-)


Sue said...

I LOVE a creative shooper...


Lisa said...