"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, October 9, 2009

changing careers & a letter to the scout master

i'm changing careers.
to construction.
just as long as i can get a hat that really fits.
discovery gateway,
where have you been all my life?????
happy day.
today i learned:
brennan loves "copters," but is apparently scared to death of them up close.
plastic balls are the answer to all of a toddler's woes.
if a toddler smooshes his banana into your coffee table, the answer is to hand him a wet rag and put him to work. quite entertaining for all parties involved.
it is possible to pull a muscle on your side by coughing (speaking from personal experience, ouch).
backwards driving is sooooooo in style.
you can have a fever of 101.5 and wheezing on thursday and be perfectly healthy by friday (thank you tylonel and "neb").
having your husband get a perfect score on his practical mid-term exam is VERY lovely and makes for a lot of potential on a fall break.
if your toddler goes down for a nap and "ehem's" before he even falls asleep, he will not want to nap anymore, but if you want to watch grey's from last night and you ignore the screaming toddler he will eventually fall asleep. true story.
if you watch a show on hoarders you will want to clean out everything you own.
duct tape really does a great job of keeping your freezer closed if it's too full.
feeling a baby move with an anterior placenta is entirely different than feeling a baby move with a posterior placenta. really, it's strangely different. more to come.
oreo's & peanut butter make a great afternoon snack. dipped in milk.
i love having good girlfriends.
if your husband has his doctoral defense & 3 mid-terms in one week, which also happens to be the same first week of october, your halloween decorations will still not be up in your house after said week (shameful, i know, but really a good compromise for a lasting marriage, lol).
if your husband is going to be home for a week straight the "to do" gets 'a churnin'. list to follow...
dear scout master,
i would love it if you would be willing to "help" with the following items:
power wash the high chair (it's disgusting)
clean out the front closet
vacuum my car
get out the halloween decorations
wash the stains out of the couch and recliner chair, yuck
sweep and mop the floors (including the bathroom, pretty, pretty please!)
go to the gateway discovery with us
play scrabble with me (i need a re-match)
let me watch my shows during brennan's nap
go walking with us on at least one morning
watch one episode of orpah with me
and if you do none of these things, i'll understand.
i know you're still working on reading my mind, and THAT is quite a hefty task.


Jess said...

I love the honey-do list, especially when it gets things marked off! Have fun decorating for Halloween.

Lauren said...

oh my gosh, i watched that episode of hoarders yesterday and it literally made me sick to my stomach and sent me into a cleaning frenzie! i tried to explain it to other people, but no one (until you) got it! glad i'm not alone in my reaction to that one!!
cute cute picture of you guys in the hats! adorable!!

keri said...

Scout master is going to be one busy dude on his time off school. Thanks for the tip by the way on the power washing the high chair. I'm sick to death of scrubbing it down and that idea hadn't even occurred to me. Your the best!!!

Emmy said...

I have never seen hoarders, but it sounds like the same affect I would get when I worked for the state and had dirty home cases. You would think it would make me think, man my home is spotless, but nope it made me just want to clean and clean and clean.

Amy said...

Anterior placenta? Is everything alright? Isn't feeling a baby move the very best feeling in the world? I love it! It sounds like you have been having a simply amazing week.

Sue said...

Kudos to the Scoutmaster! And glad the Loin is doing better, too.

As for you...tell me more about this anterior placenta. Is that going to be tricky or is it no big deal?

**Amanda** said...

We have the cutest boys ever. Thank yo so much for being my mama bff.

Dana said...

So I guess I was gone when the news broke that you're having a girl, because this is the first I've heard of it. Congrats! You will have so much fun! I've had anterior placenta before and it was freaky when they couldn't find the heartbeat. Not a big deal, though, I guess. Congrats on your all natural hair! I love "all natural" things...except on armpits and legs. I'm not THAT much of a hippie.