"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

from scratch.

i know, i know, a little model-ie, but i couldn't resist.
would you look at that hair!!!
it's been 10 long years folks.
10 long years!
goddesses & gents, you are looking at MY hair.
all na-chur-al!
the hair my mama and daddy gave me!
it's marvelous, isn't it?!
i think so.
i can't get enough.
i figured it was time to enjoy it before any grey changes it again.
and you wouldn't believe the money i'm saving!
especially from the blonde.
yes, before last year i was blonde.
for a really long time.
it was fun.
the stuff literally shines from root to tip now.
like it did in middle school.
it feels amazing.
i feel amazing.
to have myself shining through.
to see the version of me that was meant to be.
and love it.
every piece of it.
even the stretch marks left behind by the pork loin's gestation.
they are my favorite marks.
like little mementos to remind me of when my body made him from scratch.
every last bit.
to love the courage it took to get here.
over hair.
courage over hair.
it's not for everyone.
it's probably not forever.
but it's for now.
and now is empowering really.

here's to more mementos...
from scratch.


Boulant Family said...

You're 21 weeks?! You look fantastic!! Love your hair too!

Emmy said...

Looks great! Our natural hair color is very similar, I think mine is just a tiny bit darker.

Amy said...

Bea-ut-iful! You are so gorgeous. And I can't believe you are 21 weeks! How time flies.

Cari said...

Looking hot lady! Cant wait to get together!!!!

TheRixonFive said...

well said! Your hair looks great! I haven't seen my natural hair color in 15 years ... =(

Gilbert Family said...


Sue said...

I think you look GREAT.


Soon to be Mrs. D said...

Hooray a belly picture, finally! Your hair is gorgeous... luck lady!

Tiff said...

your so cute! i love your hair... I'm thinking about going natural too! your little belly is so cute!

Synergy Girl said...

Oh heavens Em!! First of all, I envy you...I am going to the salon today to get more UN-na-chu-ral blond put in...I do love your natural color...!!! Maybe I will get there someday...now for the OH HEAVENS part...YOU ARE TINY!!!! AHHHH!!! My bump sticks out more than that and I am only 13 weeks!! BLEH!! You are so darn cute and small...sigh!!!

**Amanda** said...

a blonde? Really? Wow, I thought I knew you :)

Jess said...

I have to say I like the brown hair better than the blonde- it makes your eyes pop too!

Katie said...

You have a beautiful natural color! I did the same thing a couple of years ago (I used to be a "redhead") and I think I only have a couple more years the grey hairs are so abundant that I start fakin' it up again.