"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dr. N says i'm boring.

on dec 2nd i'm wishing and hoping to wake up to snow.
it came true once when i was in elementary school.
i jumped out of bed to look out my window.
i had put lots of stickers on my window.
quite a little collection it became.
i remember there was a unicorn with a rainbow.
and lots of others too.
thank you mom for letting me:-)
i bet those were a pain to get off when we moved out of that house.
i'll try to remember to let my kids do those kinds of things.

even if it doesn't match their rooms.
when i peaked through the stickers i saw the only present i remember for my birthday that year.
last night it snowed.
let's hope it was a sign of good things to come,
wink, wink mother nature!

and then we went inside,
put the pork loin in jammies,
put ourselves in jammies,
read books,
and went to bed.
a really good sunday night.
we had a pre-thanksgiving dinner before the snow.
or maybe it was during the snow.
it was with the cousins.
have you ever put butter in your turkey while it cooks?
my cousin does.
it makes the white meat better than the dark.
a feat i thought was previously impossible.
so come thursday,
stuff that bird full of butter.
you won't be disappointed.
like i was when i woke up to hives all over the pork loin's upper half.
we're talking hundreds people, hundreds.
itchy, red, splotchy hives.
it was sad.
1 tsp of benedryl (you know i don't buy the name brand, it was equate) later and the pork loin was stumbling around like a man who had just downed a bottle of tequila.
i fed him a pb sandwich, and then he took a nap.
a really long one.
mama nacho (grandma gibson) came to take over while i hustled to Dr. N's.
this is where he informed me that i am boring.
i have few to zero questions.
other than,

"i'm drinking dr. pepper once a week. ok, maybe it's twice."

so maybe it's a statement more than a question, but he still answered it like a question.

"fine with that."

it's not that i already have the answers or know everything there is to know,
it's just that i'm not reading anything this time around.
i'm not googling.
it's much more peaceful this way.
my blood pressure is normal.
i'm measuring normal (this is not normal for me).
everything is normal.
this makes me happy.

REALLY happy.

i've never been so grateful to hear the word "normal."

and "boring."

even though i still think "normal" is a made up word.

there is just no such thing as normal.
believe it, you'll be happier if you believe it.

so when he says,
"you're boring."
he actually means it as a compliment.
and that is just how i'm going to take it;-)


Emmy said...

Yes, being boring while pregnant is a very good thing. :)
Happy that it keeps snowing for you.

Sue said...

Yep, I'm all for boring pregnancies!

BTW, did you figure out what the loin is allergic to?