"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i have 2 thanksgiving decorations.
i can only find one.
this one.
isn't she cute?
i love her.
she was my mom's.
now she's mine.
i found her at my mom's garage sale when she moved to the land of aloha.
i feel like she needs a name.
right now, i'm feeling greta.
anyone have any other ideas?
my house is still feeling festive, despite my lacking decor.
i just remembered i have 4 gourds and a pumpkin spice candle.
those count for sure.
see, my house is festive.
goble, goble.
in other news...
brennan has been sneezing.
i've been sleeping great.
a feat i thought was impossible during pregnancy.
the scout master has been looking extra attractive.
mama C arrives from the land of aloha in one week.
i learned how to make homemade bread last night.
apparently, i've been adding WAY too much flour.
moisture people, moisture.
it's all about the moisture.
it's supposed to be tacky.
my dough has never been tacky.
snow is on the weather bug for tomorrow and thursday.
cows and elephants are brennan's favorite animals.
oh, and a "kitty" named sox.
too bad greta doesn't have sox.
we could name her sox.


Emmy said...

Love it, so random but so informative.
Good to know about the tacky thing.. maybe I should make some bread today. It is only going to be 79 today and only in the 60's tomorrow! Definitely bread making weather. :)

Boulant Family said...

Love your Turkey! Did your mom make it? That would be a fun little project! Good for you for getting some rest!;)

Jess said...

She could be greta gobbol (instead of garbo). Glad life is in a happy place for you

Proudfeet said...

That is my moms name! Too funny, very festive!

Sue said...

I like Greta. It suits her perfectly.


Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Love,love,love the name McKenzie(sp)!!!! So cute! And love the old school turkey and your randomness :)