"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, November 13, 2009


when the scout master and i were in college,
i worked for a company named melaleuca.
they paid great for rexburg,
they gave you $80 every month to buy their products.
i'm still hooked on their stuff.
the renew lotion.
it's like a drink of water for your body.
one of my favorite crews i worked with was in the enrollment department.
training was fun too, but that was later.
so in enrollments i worked with a guy named joe.
he had curly hair and would straighten with a straightener just b/c he thought it was funny.
it was funny.
he started a friday tradition in the call center.
it makes friday lots of fun.
it spread like pepto bismo,
or that's how it looked at least.
every friday.
it spread more like the swine flu.
fast and furious.
so today, i'm bringing it back.
every friday, you wear pink.
it's just that simple.
and let me tell you,
friday will never be the same again;-)
don't forget H2T.
(that's "head to toe" for you mr. j, tyra, top model lovers)


Emmy said...

You look amazing for 27 weeks! You carry your babies well

Gilbert Family said...

love the idea! i think he was in my ward in rexburg. he wore pink all the time. haha. cute little pregger belly :)

Sue said...

Pink is good. I'm in.


Amy said...

Melelluca? I love that stuff! My sister used to buy it and ooooh, it really is the BEST! I love the pink friday idea... but I wore my pink shirt yesterday. Drat. Well, flower in the hair it is :)

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Hey there! I am doing something on my blog where I ask my followers to share their favorite bloggers... and one of them sent me to your site!

It's so funny you mentioned melaluca, because my family SWORE by that stuff for years. We used it a lot on our dog (LOL) because he hated the smell and it kept him from licking himself. But now I've found many useful ways to use it on myself!

By the way, you look fabulous for 27 weeks!!!


Lisa said...

Pink, I'm in, and I'll have to look up melaluca... never heard of it.. look at your cute little belly!!!!

Beth said...

em... you look great, what are your secrets? Pink maybe?

keri said...

hahahaha! I just had to comment on the little guy absolutely glued to the TV in the back ground of your top picture. That is too cute! He sure does love his shows doesn't he?!!