"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


socks in my laundry has officially begun.
i love the sound of laundry in my washer and dryer.
at the end of laundry day, i've accomplished so much.
i love having clean sheets and fresh smelling clothes in my drawers.
folding socks?
not my favorite part.
my favorite part is when the scout master is home to fold them for me:-)
my cousin buys only white socks.
she doesn't like folding socks either.
i love a good pattern though.
it makes my feet more exciting.
in high school, my friends and i would shop for interesting socks.
crazy socks!
i remember sitting in english class,
all of us in the back,
hiking up our pants to show off to each other which ones we had on that day.
here's to the sock season.
and the constant hunt of that one missing sock!
i found the navy blue one of the pork loin's that's been missing for an entire week last night.
it was in the sheets of his bed.
picture me jumping for joy in a 2 foot space between the wall and the crib after finding the small prize.
here's to the quiet time folding socks gives me.
maybe it's not so bad after all...


Hil said...

is it weird that folding socks is my favorite part? I can't explain why... other than the fact that it gives me such a sense of accomplishment when i find the sock's match. :) I too love me a good pattern... I didn't own white socks until a couple years ago when Jer bought me some.. they don't get worn much.

Jess said...

I don't mind the sock folding-and Emma is a good helper, I just don't love doing the laundry in general. It might be because I have to do so much laundry it's wrong. There are only 3 of us, 10-12 loads a week. It gets a bit ridiculous

Hastings Family said...

folding socks is not my favorite either. we usually have atleast 6-7unmatched socks :)

Emmy said...

Yeah there is a reason I have a big pile of socks sitting in my room.... hmmm maybe I should fold them

Sue said...

I love fun socks...I always like to match mine with my outfits.

The down side is that I have a huge box full of socks from the laundry that are waiting to find their mates. Some of them, I'm sorry to say, have been waiting for years. But I can't seem to throw them out. I mean, what if that missing sock suddenly turned up and I had just gotten rid of its partner?

Now, THAT would be sad!


Amy said...

I would gladly pair and fold all your socks if you would fold and put away my laundry. That is the bane of my existence. Of all the jobs I have, laundry is my least favorite. Next is dishes. But I do love your cute socks!