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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

do you?

seriously, do you?
in college i took a debate class
where we had to write a persuasive speech and give it in front of several large groups of people.
i chose the topic of hand washing.
something i was not previously been very avid about doing.
i was 19.
so i found a ton of research.
made some posters and overhead transparencies.
do you know that the CDC reports that if you ask a room full of people if they wash their hands after using the bathroom 80% will say "yes" they do, but only 20% will actually be telling the truth?!
i was so one of those "yes" people that was lying.
double gross.
not always, but sometimes.
see, i was one of the many that thought there were "certain" bathroom trips that didn't spread the bad germs, and thus did not always require a thorough washing.
yuck, yuck, yuck.
so embarrassing.
i rarely washed my hands before eating.
i just didn't think about it.
our rule now?
you walk in the house, you wash your hands.
you touch the potty, you wash your hands.
you prepare a meal or plan to touch food of any sort, you wash your hands.
you absolutely don't touch your eyes, mouth, or nose without washing your hands.
we are talking soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, or the abc song.
whichever counting game you prefer.
so if you don't have a new year's resolution yet, make it hand washing.
it's always something that can use a little improvement!
and by the way, i won the entire debate contest in the persuasive speaking category.
trophy and all.
so proud:-)


Brooke said...

i really think I do! but then, maybe I'm lying :) hmmmm. but really, i do! this point is a great one today as we are dealing with the flu here and doing lots of gross clean -up. yuck! I've already washed my hands at least 10 times today....

Katie said...

When I was at BYU, I cleaned bathrooms. We had to re-fill the soap dispensers in the women's bathrooms way more often than the men's. I guess they thought that their types of trips did not require hand-washing. Pretty gross.

I do wash my hands, but only before preparing food and after using the restroom. Well, and when my kids are sick I am constantly washing my hands. I think that as a mommy I have learned to do it more often because I can't get whatever they have or things would fall apart!

Jess said...

I am an avid hand washer, bred by a nurse for a mother who knew. I have seen people attempt to leave the restroom with out a top at the sink and I loudly say to Emma that hand washing is important-guilts them into it every time.

Amy said...

Ew! I am borderline OCD when it comes to bathroom/food prep handwashing! I even go so far as refuse to touch public bathroom doors with my bare hands because of the fear of all those who do not wash. So gross.I have to use a paper towel if the door opens toward me, and if it opens out I push it with my foot.

Sue said...

I'm really good about the hand washing thing. And I use Bath and Body Works moisturizing hand soap to keep the moisture in my skin.


Fiauna said...

Okay, here is my hand-washing story, shortened. In the middle of the night after giving birth to my first baby I had the nurse help me into the restroom to, you know, use the facilities. I was tired. I hurt all over. I was overwhelmed. I skipped the sink. Boy did the nurse lay into me something fierce. Yes. I wash my hands now. Every time. I promise.

Emmy said...

Yes, I am s much reformed hand washer myself. I would often do the method of getting my hands quickly wet in the water just to appear that I washed them... gross I know.

Synergy Girl said...

I am one of those "winter chap" people...cause I think I wash a little TOO much. When I cook dinner...probably wash 4-8 times...when I am getting ready for bed...anywhere from 2-4...I think it is SUPER sick when friends come over, and their kids will use the potty and shoot out...and they say NOTHING...AHHH...then I am on a doornob wiping spree when they leave...I really am not OCD...I just don't like potty germs...and stuff....