"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, January 29, 2010

the same as a newborn elephant

met my friends at the zoo today.
i pushed the stroller around while the pork loin ran amuck.
he only cries when we go by the massive metal fake elephant.
scares him to death.
LOVES elephants normally.
a near obsession.
just not this one.
can't get in or out of the zoo without passing it.
so the poor kid gets his terror at the beginning and end of our trip each time.
he used to crawl up the stroller and into my arms.
now he just cries and covers his eyes.
it's adorably sad.
so we walked around.
it was about 30 degrees.
nice for salt lake this time of year.
wish there would have been more sun.
that's what i really went for.
and the chatting.
i love the chatting.
big scandal at the zoo this week is that the zebra's mysteriously died.
2 of them.
they are reporting no foul play as of yet.
i missed seeing them.
so i got on the massive scale after we passed the "spike-y pigs."
brennan got on first.
it said he weighed 75 lbs.
he weighs 32.
it said i weighed 225 lbs.
dr. N's scale and mine have not been telling the truth if this scale is correct.
or this scale is lying.
no matter.
it would have been more fun to have it tell you the truth though.
if i scrapbooked, it would have definitely made the book.
but i don't.
or does this count?
then i looked down to the comparison chart and saw this:
apparently by this scale i weigh the same as a newborn elephant.
for some reason, being compared to any type of a newborn in weight makes me feel young and thin.
who cares if the word "elephant" is used in the same sentence;-)
in other news...
i've found that it is not possible to make a phone call to anyone at this point without them answering with one of the following phrases:
1. are you at the hospital?
2. are you in labor?
3. is it time?
and i absolutely LOVE it.
all of it.


Emmy said...

Hope nothing bad happened to the zebras. And yeah, I cannot even imagine going to the zoo when it is 30 degrees.. such a wimp now.

Jess said...

I saw that on the news last night, you'd think after 1 mysteriously died, they'd observe the other over the next night...nope obviously they didn't think the same thing. Glad you had fun at the zoo.

Sue said...

I was always so early that no one ever called and asked me if I was "still there."

They did do that to my sister a lot, though, because she was always late. And she wasn't as good a sport as you are, either. She HATED it.


Tiff said...

this totally counts as scrap booking... you really should be printing your blog! Do you? I have heard there is a website that does it and will send it to you in bounded book. Your blog makes me want to be a better blogger.... ha ha!!

Synergy Girl said...

You are too cute...and brave...you went to the Zoo in the middle of winter in Salt Lake?? Woman...you amaze me!!

keri said...

When I saw your text this morning, the first thing I thought was "Oh my gosh, she's having the baby!". Just have that baby already, so I don't have that anticipation of waiting to open your text ;)
Funny that Brennan is scared of that big metal monster. Maddie doesn't bat an Eyelid at it. But she is TERRIFIED of my electric tooth brush. :) If you don't pop this week, we should do the aquarium or something.

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Em! You are soo close to being done! I cannot wait to see the pics! FYI:)

Emmy said...

FYI-I have a couple of awards for you on my blog today.

Fiauna said...

I can't believe it's even close to time yet. Wow.

I don't think I'd ever consider it fun to have my weight compared to that of an elephant, new born or not.