"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the samples

we went to costco yesterday for blueberries and shrimp.
i also bought some tomato sauce, not on my list.
i'm planning to make 4 pans of lasagna this weekend.
1 to eat on sunday, the other 3 to save for after little "max" arrives.
the relief society meals only last so long!
there's nothing like a frozen meal to make an afternoon more relaxing.
the sample stations were just popping out as i was trying to coax brennan's attention from the big tv's in the electronic section.
nothing in me wanted to walk to the other side of costco for him to watch the avatar previews on the big tv's.
these legs just don't have it in them.
first there was the salsa table.
no good for the 22 mo old (officially yesterday).
then the bread and butter.
big hit with all.
you should have seen the line!
you'd have thought people had never had bread with butter before.
maybe they've just been limiting themselves to margarine.
then some yogurt drink.
we had to go back twice.
first was for him.
second was for me.
but i gave him mine.
the kid loves his yogurt.
i always feel slightly guilty when i don't buy their item after indulging in their free sample.
they always take the time to tell me a feature, the price, and where to pick it up.
so friendly.
and sometimes a little pushy.
embarrassingly enough i must admit that i sometimes act like i'm going to go buy their item just b/c i don't want to be the person that just walks around getting the free food.
which i am.
i am SO that person.
why don't they ever do the pot stickers??!!
the cheese sticks were one of my favorites.
i love going to costco during snack time.
very satisfying.
then came the calcium chews.
brennan thought they were chocolates so i pulled over to grab one.
"you know, your prenatal vitamins are only giving you such and such a dose of calcium."
she did it in a voice implying that i was seriously neglecting my unborn child.
little does she know i also take an additional calcium supplement.
"cheap blow!" i wanted to say.
instead, i smiled and said, "uh huh, thank you."
and walked away.
i did NOT pretend that i wanted to buy her item.
i was happily the person who was just there for the free sample.
you know, since i'm depriving little "max" of her calcium, i'd better take all of the free samples i can get.


Jess said...

I also love sample time at costco, it's like a free, surprise me kind of lunch you know. I never but what they're sampling either, at least you have the decency to pretend, I'm just not that decent of a person-or so I was told. And really that was a below the belt comment about the calcium, way to show her what's what!

Emmy said...

Lol! I have pretended to buy the item too! But you know I bet they realize most people are just their for the free samples.

Synergy Girl said...

Okay, so sample time is "lunch" time on some days - BOOYAH!!! My step-mom was a "sample lady" for a little while, and they aren't even Costco employees, so I dont feel bad...I just EAT EM...anyways, if it's not me...it'll be that four year old that has already had six of them...right???

Amy said...

How funny. I love getting the samples and think it is funny how they always offer nutrition advice. How funny that lady was telling you to get more calcium. I say just eat it up and avoid eye contact.

Sue said...

Everybody loves chowing down at Costco. It's really bad when you there go hungry, because then you DO end up buying all the sampled products. Or at least, I do. And then I get the shockingly large bill at the checkout, thereby negating all of my good intentions to save money by going to Costco in the first place!


keri said...

I love sample time. We can get a whole lunch in sometimes! It's great! I always go back for seconds on the stuff Maddie likes and give her mine. then I don't have to feed her when I get home ;0) LOVE IT!!!!

Fiauna said...

I am SO that person too.

Please forgive me if I missed the post about this (haven't been on the computer much lately) but why are you calling her "max". I need to know this story.