"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

VIP dreams

so far, all i've noticed about my scrubbing bubbles gel toilet bowl cleaner is that it makes my bathroom smell like a clean hospital room.
and i don't like the smell of clean hospital rooms.
the pack lasts for 6 weeks.
hopefully it really will clean the toilet for me,
as advertised on the box.
(but on the box there was this little sponge creature that did the work. i see no creature in my toilet. false advertising.)

last night i dreamt
that my father in law got us front row box seats (is that even possible???) to a king's basketball game.
sean and my friend beth were with me.
two of my friends from high school were players on the team.
micah cummings and gabe gammon.
gabe is shorter than me, and i don't remember micah being tall.
i haven't seen or talked to these people in 10 years.
so we were in these box seats, but we couldn't even see the game.
it didn't bother me.
we got to wear these fancy vip tags around our necks.
i felt super important with my neck tag.
beth went to talk to the players on the bench, but i just sat in the little box.
some fancy dressed men came up and brought us plates of chocolate pudding with lots of whipped cream and purple Gatorade.
beth stole my Gatorade, but i didn't mind b/c i don't like Gatorade that much.
and i thought it tasted like medicine anyway.
i also ate a cold chocolate chip cookie with homemade whipped cream (the pudding and whipped cream they brought earlier was from the can), and i remember thinking the cookie would have been much better with the whipped cream if it were warmed up.
beth and i were just about to go "powder our noses" when sean came back with his arms full of stuff from the souvenir shop.
i asked him where he got the money for it, and he said his dad gave him money and he was to "go to town" in the gift shop.
then i woke up.


Sue said...

Sounds like somebody's psyche wanted to spend just one night as a little girl being doted on (love the VIP neck tags), cared for (front row seats...gift shop spree), and coddled (chocolate pudding and cookies with whipped cream?...and only the "real stuff" would do?) by parents before taking on the added responsibility of becoming a parent again.

Two children...Now, that REALLY makes you a grown-up! I'm glad your subconscious is giving you some love.


PS. Glad some of your high school friends could be there, too! heehee ;)

PPS. This amateur dream analysis is purely for your entertainment. haha

Amy said...

What a fun dream! I love how detailed you are able to remember it. Dreams are my favorite part of sleeping.
And I agree with Sue's analysis.

Emmy said...

That is a weird dream, but one that sure would be good if it were true :)

I have been having bad scary dreams lately, so I would rather have yours for sure.

Fiauna said...

Hmmm. Must be a pregnancy dream.

beck said...

I remember having the strangest dreams towards the end of my pregnancy and they were sooooo VIVID! I could remember every little detail. Hopefully they help you relax through these last days!!! Funny how people from high school or years and years ago pop up in our dreams. I remember when I was in junior high and I had a dream about this kid a grade above me and someone said if you dream about someone you like them. UGH! he was the most unattractive guy and definitely not one I was going to like any time soon.

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Oh my gosh! I bought those scrubbing bubbles things when I was pregnant! They smell horrible...so bad that it made me want to vomit! Levi was kind enough to clean it off for me;) what a good hubby!

Jess said...

My mil had the scrubbing bubbles too, very stinky. they should put that on the package instead of the cute little scrubber guys that lure you in.