"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

blueberries i forgot.

monday afternoon:
harmon's & costco,
both kids in tow,
2 hrs to complete task,
ready, set, go.
jammed through harmon's in 45 minutes.
go me.
go kids.
really excited about the spinach and basil in my cart.
felt extra healthy.
dark leafy greens my friends.
asked for the drive and load option.
where they take your cart of groceries outside.
then you drive up.
and they load.
harmon's, i love you.
a drive through grocery store would be the only improvement here.
i hear they have them in provo.
it might be worth the drive.
and gas.
if you don't have a drive thru, i'm not interested.
as much.
so i throw the kids in the car.
and with an hour left before max needed to eat we took off to stop number 2.
"os-OH" says brennan when we pull up.
i get him a churro.
we make our loop.
shredded cheddar.
blueberries i forgot.
dang it.
i hid them from brennan behind max's carseat.
max poops.
i ignore it.
pretend i didn't hear it.
brennan is still eating his churro.
i'm thinking excitedly that it may last all the way home at this rate.
then i'm thinking how really awesome i am for getting through harmon's AND costco with BOTH kids ALONE in one swoop.
man am i great.
my confidence was extra high.
kids in car.
throw the stuff in the car.
turn up the radio.
prince is on.
party like it's 1999.
man, that song was hot.
b/c we all totally knew the world was going to end that night.
and that our computers were all going to crash b/c they weren't programmed to go past the year 1999.
except mine worked the next day.
it was the first thing i checked.
and on the 2nd chorus i realized it.
i forgot my groceries at the drive and load at harmon's.
and now it's pouring.
max is screaming.
and sitting in the poo i ignored at costco.
brennan's churro is gone.
traffic is horendous.
i take a picture in shock at the red light.
turn up prince.
and then i belt it out,
"2000-ZERO-ZERO party's over..."
at least i didn't forget the kids:-)


Carol (Mehr) Simpson said...

Hilarious!! Your story made my day! Only thing was...I was expecting you to say "April Fool"! (It would be a great "april fool's day" story!) Sorry, it was a "real day" story! Good on ya for laughing!

Katie said...

AHHHHHHHH! Crap crap crap. Sorry for the bad language, but I think it is quite appropriate for these circumstances.

Emmy said...

Oh no!! So did you go back and get them then?? What did you do??

The Medrano Fam said...

Haaaa! Hey at lest you are brave enough to make it to two stores with the kids, my limit is one store these days. Did you go back to get them? I'm sure that's not the fist time they've had that happen. At least you can laugh at yourself!

Sue said...

I agree. Getting home with the kids was quite commendable, under the circumstances. I mean, it's all relative, right?

And who needs blueberries? Or groceries, either, for that matter?


The Jackson Family said...

Max will love this story when she's older :D

The Jackson Family said...
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Jess said...

Well- you made it out alive at least. Sorry I can't help myself I laughed, and snorted a bit- so so funny.

Amy said...

Wow, the days where you are so proud of yourself for having it all together and they turn out to be bad days. Hate those days.
Did you eventually get your groceries back? And who needs blueberries anyway?

The Jackson Family said...

Even a year later, this is still my favorite blog of yours :D