"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, April 12, 2010



shirt compliments of auntie K, muchas gracias
bring us a world series win boys!!!

i will preface this:
baby was in the center of the baby mat previous to when filming began.
yes, she really went that far.
i ran to get my camera and caught the end.
i give you: 9 week old max comando crawling!

we're in trouble!!!
maybe i should be rethinking tummy time...

the easiest dinner you'll ever make.
a staple in our house.
poppyseed chicken:

1 1/2 c sour cream
2 cans cream of chicken soup
3 chicken breasts, cooked & shredded
2 cups uncooked rice, cook it
2 tbls poppyseeds (buy in bulk here to save $$)
1/2 pkg ritz crackers, crumbled

cook rice, boil chicken 20-23 min and shred, put sour cream and soup in bowl, mix. add shredded chicken, put in glass baking dish, cook 350* 20 minutes, take out of oven, top with poppyseeds evenly, then crumble ritz crackers, bake 10 minutes more. serve over rice with veggie.
i'm back to my sunday baking.
glory be.
heaven bless butter.
it's such a pretty sight:-)
the comedian.

clown nose compliments of the bacon's birthday bash


Jess said...

the crawling- one the one hand bad, she'll be into stuff much faster than you planned on- on the other hand good, she has an escape for when tender loin decides to love her in excess.

Sue said...

She is a feisty little thing, isn't she?


Kelseyalice said...

nice shirt b boy!

Fiauna said...

Yup, gonna try the chicken recipe. I just have to go buy some crackers.

Umm, on the crawling--you really are in trouble, aren't you?!

Missy said...

Uh, the chicken looks sooo nummy! I'll definitely be trying! Mmmm...sounds so good right now as I'm contemplating what else to throw down the hatch! I posted my glam toes since you requested... LOVE U!

Amy said...

Yup, you are in trouble. She will be crawling all over the place very soon.

Can't wait to have my own place again. Can't wait for the Sunday baking, and the any time baking with the boy.

Bree said...

got supplies yesterday to make your fancy poppyseed ckn....will cook tomorrow

Fiauna said...

So after checking your blog half a million times for the recipe, the poppyseed chicken is in the over smelling absolutely delicious. Can't wait to get my mouth around it! Yum.

Emmy said...

Yes you are in trouble :)