"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, April 25, 2010

my greater trochanter.

it was my year to plan.
i thought we needed some SPICE!
spicy sushi.
then spicy fun.
go carts.
we were squished in our cart b/c we wanted to ride together and take turns driving.
he said he could feel my greater trochanter.
woo woo.
except what that really means is that he could feel a part of my femur sticking out.
or some physical therapy term like that.
he was a MANIAC on the go carts.
i kept screaming, "NO BUMPING!!! NO BUMPING!!!"
he laughed and did more crazy stuff.
it was awesome.
on my turn to drive i kept worrying i was going to get a warning for bumping.
i was very concerned about bumping.
it was my first time, i couldn't help it.
i screamed a lot.
sean laughed a lot.
it was TONS of fun:-)
batting cages.
i hit 5 balls.
then shrieked b/c it hurt my hands so badly.
did you know it hurts to hit balls in the batting cages?
i had sean do all of his tokens and mine.
his shoulder still hurts this morning.
but boy oh boy was it HOT.
i'm trying to convince him to play baseball now.

we REALLY needed that:-)
on the way home we stopped at arctic circle for chocolate dipped cones and it made me wonder,
how do they chocolate dip the cone without the ice cream melting?
(big thanks to grandma gibson for taking the kids)


Emmy said...

That is a very good question and glad you had such a great night out!

Gilbert Family said...

how fun! happy anniversary! can you plan our next one too?? lol

Sue said...

What a romantic date! (It cracks me up that he is bumping like crazy in those bumper cars when he's a physical therapist and knows the havoc they can wreak on a body.)



PS. Happy Anniversary to you and YOUR man.

Lisalulu said...

happy anniversary! wow you live in a fun place and you ARE fun people!!! miss you

Ali said...

Su fun! Batting cages are a GREAT idea!

Ali said...

How fun!! Batting cages are a great idea!

Proudfeet said...

Congratulations you two!!

Amy said...

What a fun anniversary! Happy one to you. Bumper cars sounds amazing. I forgot they existed. I am going to have to go find some.