"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, May 9, 2010

no diaper, no outfit, not home=creative

the following occured at a mother's day brunch:
1. 1 diaper found in bag, better make it count i said.
2. 1 diaper used, here we go.
of course we ALL know what was bound to happen next.
3. grandfather ryan AND his pants AND max's outfit AND a linen napkin were NOT spared.
4. no diapers.
5. well, not exactly "no" diapers.
6. size 5 big brother brennan's diapers.
7. i give you, a "diaper outfit."
seeing as i am never good at remembering to pack an extra.
good thing i always remember a blanket and ziploc bags.
gallon size.

do i dare say it's reminiscent of a baby snuggie???
"please, someone, get me a diaper in my size. and an outfit. and a bow. mercy."
it did it's job.
thank goodness that didn't happen during any of the graduation festivities.
sorry dad;-)
i owe you a pair of clean pants.


Kathleen said...

Now that's one good-looking Grandpa!!

Sue said...

That diaper definitely leaves her some room to grow!


Beth said...

I love it! Need I dare say, your baby girl is the prettiest baby girl I have ever seen. I don't have a girl, so I can say that. but seriously.....

**Amanda** said...

That is hilarious!
Your dad has the sweetest face! I just want to hug him!

Amy said...

Oh, the blow outs. Something I hope to not have to deal with very soon. Thank heavens for a big brother who is not yet potty trained, hu?